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Self-Sabatoging Science

Science teaches us to question.

That is the basic structure of science and the scientific method.

The first step is to question.

That is the problem…meaning the “problem” step in the scientific method, and also it is the problem that science is currently facing.

I am not a scientist. I am naturally rebellious. My brain is hardwired to question absolutely everything no matter the source.

I am also a mother.

I am a mother who has made many non-traditional choices where it has come to the health and well being of my children.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of these choices in regards to all three of my children. They are exceptional kids, and while I have a good understanding of my own bias in this case, they factually are very healthy children.

They are healthy in body, in mind, and in spirit, and I could not be more overwhelmingly grateful for anything else in the world.

I can honestly tell you that the choices that I have made for the health of my family do not align with what …

Some Days I Just Get So Damn Tired

Some days I just get so damn tired of fighting this battle.

You would never guess it from looking at me, but I am one hell of a warrior when it comes to being a mom.

Day in and day out, for the past fourteen years, I have been fighting for the life of my children.

I fight to keep the garbage that our ruined food system constantly shoves at them out of their mouths.

I fight to keep the dangerous and corrupted medical systems that are, SUPPOSED TO EXIST TO HELP US, as far away from them as I possibly can.

I fight so hard to expose them to people who are full of creativity and love and who have somehow managed not to bend to the will of our corporate masters.

I am usually very quiet about this.

I am quiet while I listen to people make mass judgements and condemnations about my personal beliefs.

I bite my tongue when other mothers are seeking advice because I know that “my advice” is not the advice that they want.

I decided to stop ever declaring that I hated anything the year that my twins we…