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I Can’t Keep Pretending to Be a Democrat

Let me start here: My husband and I joined several groups involved in our local democratic party at the beginning of this year. We lasted just over six months because we could no longer breathe through the bullshit.

To be fair - specifically for me - party work is just about as far removed from my strengths as I can get. For example, I absolutely LOATHE drama and popularity, and I personally have hidden in my house when refusing to answer an unexpected knock at the door - so why in the hell would I go around unexpectedly knocking on other people’s doors - seriously.

I attempted to get involved because I believed in the message that good people need to get into the party and begin to sway party opinion to a more progressive platform. That may be very true, but what I was neglecting to take into account at the beginning of this year is that there are democratic policies that not only do I not completely agree with - but that I am adamantly opposed to.

This is why I have always been an in…
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Reflections on Irma

Today is the first day that I actually remembered to put on body lotion after I got out of the shower.

I haven’t put on make-up since two Tuesday’s ago.

This is the general feeling that I get from almost everyone that I have talked to lately.

I think that the common theme is this:

We are immensely relieved. Most of our friends and neighbors in the Central Florida area weathered the storm pretty well. There are areas that were hit hard - but the majority of us were braced for something worse.

We are a bit shell-shocked too. I am left, personally, feeling like we dodged a hell of a bullet there. If she had remained a cat. 3 or 4 as predicted…good grief…I can’t hardly imagine what the extent of the damage would look like here.

Most of us are resolute in taking this shit more seriously next time. The day after our power came back on, I placed an order for over eight hundred dollars worth of hurricane preparedness supplies. The oceans are getting warmer. These storms will keep getting bigger. W…

Dismissing PETA

I know that by now many people are aware of the map published by the Southern Poverty Law Center that pinpoints different “hate groups” that exist in the US with their locations.

I spent a long time looking over it yesterday and it is horrifying.

I appreciated that they acknowledged hate groups from all sides, and particularly that they included the Black Panthers.

I believe that we often have a tendency to dismiss groups as non-hate groups or non-terrorist groups when we allow ourselves to empathize with the general principals upon which the groups are founded, even though we greatly disapprove of the actions that these groups inspire.

Over time I have allowed forgiveness toward the Black Panthers because I am sympathetic to the roots of their anger even though I had a classmate tortured and murdered in their name when I was young.

I didn’t realize until this morning how disappointed I am that PETA was left off of the list of hate groups in this country.

I personally believe that they a…


This year has had some serious bumps. It has also been amazing in a ton of ways for myself and for my family, but it has been really emotionally challenging for me. I have been really afraid for people, probably more that I have ever been in my life before. All of that is due to what is going on in our country and with our government, and it is like a damn dark cloud that follows me around no matter where I go.

I am not saying that it isn’t serving a purpose. I need the frigging cloud with me as a reminder not to stop fighting to make things better, but it has been really challenging having it around all of the time. The cloud was reinforced by a lot of loss at the beginning of the year, including that of our family’s dog. It sucked.

I have also had to distance myself from a lot of people who were constantly making me sad because all that I could see when I looked at their smiling faces was the privilege they were wallowing in while refusing to even acknowledge it. I was feeling so res…

Coconut Button Cookies

These cookies are absolutely perfect for your next sewing party!


1 Package White Cake Mix
2 Eggs
1/2c. Coconut Oil
1c.  Shredded Coconut
Miniature Chocolate Chips (Optional) 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a medium sized bowl, combine white cake mix,
eggs, coconut oil, and the shredded coconut. Mix well.

Roll the batter into tbsp. sized balls and flatten on a greased
cookie sheet.

Use a toothpick to make for little holes in the center of the
cookie to resemble button holes.

Bake the cookies for 10-12 min.

When the cookies have baked, place a chocolate chips in
each of the button holes while cookies are cooling.

Fur Babe Foodie - Beggin' Rice & Beans

My Fur Babe recipes are for dogs only. Dogs are scavengers and a variety of foods can be safely fed to them to improve their diets. (Cats are carnivores and must eat primarily meats to remain healthy.)

I recommend that you clear my recipes with your vet before feeding them to your own Fur Babe, and that you always provide your pups with a varied diet. I make several different recipes for my Fur Babe every week, as well as supplementing his diet with a high quality dry dog food. 

I have never made a recipe that North does not devour. I began feeding him homemade foodie meals at two months old. I will never share one with you that is not a hit in his book.

Beggin' Rice & Beans

16oz Dry Red Beans - GMO free if possible
2 c. Brown Rice - Cooked
Broccoli Stems - Cleaned & Sliced
1 Bag Frozen Green Peas

Soak the red beans in a sealed container - overnight - in enough water to cover them well with a couple of inches to spare.

The next day, transfer the beans and 4c. water to a lar…

My Butterflies

When I was a kid they called it - butterflies in your stomach.

It wasn’t supposed to be a negative thing.

It is the reason that people ride roller coasters; a wonderful special sensation of anticipation that humans seek out to break the monotony of their daily routines.

It is that inner-body quiver that young lovers experience when they are about to be with the person who lights their life on fire.

People pierce and tattoo their skin to capture the sensation. They dive off of cliffs and out of airplanes and swim with sharks, just to feel that simple somersault inside their bellies.

And I feel it each and every time I finish letting out a breath…every single day of my existence…over and over and over again.

It isn’t constant excitement for me though. Most people call it anxiety. It is a prevailing sense of dread. It is knowing that the world isn’t quite right, and living in fear of what may happen next.

Although I believe that it increased significantly after I had my children, I recall havi…