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Keeping Up Courage

Courage may be one of the personality traits that I most respect at this point in my life. It comes in a lot of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some, I respect a lot more than others. That line where brave just blurs into careless/crazy…I don’t particularly have any admiration for that kind of courage. The courage to speak out though, to tell the truth, and to protect others at personal risk…those attributes are the ones that make heroes.

I did not grow up with courage. Nature or nurture? I just can’t be sure. I can’t be sure about that when it comes to any other sort of personality trait either. I honestly believe that in almost all cases it is a mixture of the two. I remember working up the courage to speak in front of groups as a child, but not to do much else. I never remember standing up for a friend in childhood, and I can’t remember ever speaking out to my peers. I was terrified of my peers as a kid.

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