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Body Battles

It is really challenging to write about things that you are currently battling with, but I think that it is important to let people in on the struggles rather than waiting for some epic moment in the future when we finally have it all figured out, Ha-Ha-Right, to elegantly reflect on our journey.

Honestly, one of my biggest disappointments in myself is that by now I don’t have my battle with my body image all figured out yet.

I fucking wish that I did. I would think that if I had it all figured out, I could actually use what I have learned to help others who struggle. Who am I kidding? I think the majority of us struggle to some degree, men and women alike.

A neighbor of mine who I had never spoken with before called out to me when I was on a run the other day. She told me that whatever I was doing was working and that she could tell I had lost weight, I go by her house a lot so I guess that she must have seen me out often.

I came home and cried.

She was just trying to be n…