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When Will It Be Enough?

I try to be as positive as possible when I write. I believe in optimism. I believe that we can only make the world a better place when fueled by the knowledge that progress is happening on a daily basis, because it truly is.
However, more and more I feel like the universe is trying to get a message through to me. That maybe what we need even more than the reminder of our progress is the passion to change the way that things are today fueled by the vicious anger that we feel in regards to the situations that god places before us.
My friends keep getting sick. Not just a little sick, a lot sick. I had to take a step back and recognize the other day that I was reaching out to a close friend who is a breast cancer survivor to learn how to be more supportive to another friend who just found out that she has cancer too.
I have to sit here with my head spinning and remind myself that it is not okay that I have multiple friends who have dealt or are dealing with breast cancer! It is not oka…