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Woman: A Community Project

Do you ever sit and wonder how much of your own personality is made up of what the other people in your life want, expect, suggest, have trained, or downright demanded that you be?
I don’t think that we do question ourselves about this very often, especially as women, because the answer is pretty frightening.
Don’t get me wrong: Men have gobs and gobs of their own problems, the primary of those being that they can’t seem to help themselves from wanting to put their penis in and on everything that they see, but this isn’t about them. It is about us.
We have been tricked into believing that we have lots and lots of options.
If we are lucky enough to grow up with caring and supportive parents, we even believe that we have had the option to decide what to study, and what to create, and who to love…but that is not as true as we think that it is.
I had very open-minded parents, and I was an only child, but even at a young age I was being taught that certain people did not make appropriate…