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The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times

The Dave Matthew’s Band’s song Two Step is my theme song for life. It basically exemplifies how I feel about my existence on earth. I see my life as a gift, and seek always to celebrate that gift in every moment of life that I can.
A also tend to be a believer in the ideal that a life lived observing moderation, will be a far more successful, far more empowering, and generally happier life than a life lived observing abstinence.
I honestly have a strong belief that abstinence, in so many areas of life, leads to depression, disempowerment, and destruction for numerous people who believe that it is the only way to go.
We have seen glaring examples of this with priests who have been given the burden of living a life of sexual abstinence, and yet we often fail to look closely at the burden that we are putting on an addict when we tell them that they are powerless over their disease, and that they must beg and plead for some greater power to help them avoid what they long for, for the re…