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Victim Status

My husband and I have discussed many times, how when a person chooses to classify himself or herself as a victim, it is often a lifetime status that they find themselves stuck in and unable to escape, as though they are forever living under a dark cloud.
It is very difficult to talk to people who have suffered, either from harm directed at them from someone else, or from a random act of the universe, and explain to them that they have a personal responsibility for what has happened to them.
I struggled with the idea for years because it can sound like this sort of approach puts us in a place where we are actually blaming victims for somehow causing the harm that has befallen them.
If you really think about it however, this actually does the opposite, because the idea of having responsibility is ultimately, and always, empowering. It is the absolute best way to help walk someone out from under that eternal dark cloud that seems to stick to him or her so relentlessly.
I was talking wit…