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Ritalin Dating (Adult Language)

A friend of mine had liked or commented on an article online yesterday, and it caught my notice because I saw how many people had responded to it so positively saying that it rang true with them and that they really appreciated what it had to say. Well, I wouldn’t normally read an article on dating, but since there was such a strong response to the article, my curiosity was stirred. I was surprised to discover that not only did I disagree with the article, but that it actually saddened me quite a bit. Now, it is very likely that I have trouble associating with this because I have been out of the dating loop for almost fourteen years, or because I was a much younger person when I was dating. Anyways, here is a brief synopsis of what the article said from my perspective:
It went into length explaining just how much time people waste dating when they aren’t head over heels for someone, or their feelings are not reciprocated with equal enthusiasm. The piece talked about how much more pro…

Beautiful Bellies (Adult Language)

I took my kids to the waterpark for four hours yesterday after they finished their schoolwork. I got to sit under an umbrella with a paperback and people-watch while they checked in with me after going down each water slide. I always love to watch people in pubic, but yesterday I was paying particular attention. One of the reasons for that is because I am having quite a bit of trouble fitting my boobs into the majority of my swimsuit tops this year. Since January I have actually been eating well, and not starving myself on a regular basis, and my boobs have responded by living up to their genetic dictate size “D”. I am ultimately at peace with this because along with the boobs I have a lot more muscle, and I like the way that I look. Change is always challenging to accustom ourselves to however, especially when we have to be diligent to avoid wardrobe mishaps.
I swear that if we took aliens and gave them a magazine…almost any kind of magazine, and showed them the pictures of the peop…

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms
I am finally back to new recipes after a bit of a break. They will probably all be meatless going forward, because I have basically stopped buying it all together for socially conscious reasons, as well as my family’s health. I will still be doing fish and seafood from time to time. These mushrooms are fast to put together and don’t take long to bake. They are also wonderfully satisfying.

1 large package of mini portabella mushrooms 2 cloves garlic, minced 8 oz. goat cheese 8 oz. mozzarella cheese, shredded 2 roma tomatoes, diced 1 tsp. sea salt 1 tsp. fresh ground pepper 1 tsp. basil 1 tsp. oregano 1 tsp. coriander 2 tbsp. olive oil

Rinse the mushrooms. Remove the stems by gently pulling them out, and allow the mushrooms to dry. Combine all of the cheeses, spices, tomato, and garlic in a medium sized bowl. Place all of the mushrooms, gill side up, in a large baking dish and use a spoon to pile each one high with the cheese filling. Sprinkle the mushrooms with…

Rage Against The Publishers! (Plentiful Adult Language)

It occurred to me that I should write about this when I was talking to another author about it the other day. I have tried to speak to the positive wonderfulness of the possibilities that self-publishing offers to the world before, but I haven’t gone right into what a big load of crap the machine that is the publishing industry has become. I shouldn’t really even say become, because we can go back and look at Pulitzer and Hearst, and we already know that they were big assholes who had no real interest in the selfless distribution of information, much less the cultivation of the creative written word. We can go back even further and…well needless to say, it is no wonder that we are in the state that we are in. We are however, finally in a really good place to take the power back, and that absolutely fucking thrills me!
This shit runs all through every type of artistic expression. From the fine arts all of the way down the line, there is no better place in the world to find opinionated…

SAVE THE WINKIES! (Adult Language)

I  want to explain, again, that my only goal here is to get people thinking about this issue. I know how sensitive we all are about the choices that we make in raising our children. I am not looking to make anyone feel badly about having made the choice to circumcise his or her son, and I am especially not seeking to make anyone feel defensive about having done so. Most men in this country have been circumcised, and mostly because their parents didn’t have this information. That is why I am passing it along.
I had to fight tooth and nail, like I did with so many issues regarding the health of my children, to keep the circus at the hospital from carrying my son off and chopping off part of his winkie. I am not kidding. I had nurses asking my husband and me over and over again if we were really sure that we didn’t want them to circumcise our son. Of course, having educated ourselves on the subject, we looked at them like they were off of their fucking rockers. This was back when I expe…

Ten Reasons Not To Overdo It

I apologize in advance to any of my dear friends that I may piss off in the writing of these words. Here is the thing: having kids has the potential to make adult human beings pretty damn nutty. It is very likely because of the sleep deprivation, complete physical exhaustion, and lack of peace and quiet necessary for self-reflection…well; I could go on and on. New parents get a little crazy. My husband and I were definitely there. As a matter of fact, it feels like we have spent the last few years walking ourselves out of the deep end of the crazy pool, and now I stand here looking back and asking myself what the in the hell I was thinking.
We went overboard, way overboard, and if you are a parent you know exactly what I am talking about here. If you are lost in what I am talking about, these are some terms that might help to ring a bell: birthdays, holidays, photographs, benchmarks, parties, events, vacations…again; I could go on and on. In the end, yes I have some adorable picture…

An Outspoken Opinion In Light Of Recent Events (Adult Language)

I have been annoyed since last night, and more than annoyed, I have been very concerned for some of my loved ones. When things happen in celebrity news everyone seems to have something to say about it. Well, I don’t have anything to say about the guy, because I did not know him. Here is who I do know:
A lovely friend of mine, and her family lost her fifteen-year-old brother to suicide over two years ago. He was beautiful, and brilliant, and it was tragic, and it brings a tear to my eye every time that I think about him. I have a picture of him playing at the beach with my kids hanging in our bedroom. My close friend lost her father to suicide a couple of years ago. He was a husband, a father of three, and was expecting his first grandchild. My old roommate lost his brother to suicide a few years ago and I didn’t even know about it until last month, because it isn’t the sort of thing that people reach out and seek sympathy for…he had a wife and two kids. My second cousin ended his li…

I Really, Really, Like You!

One of my best friends nearly broke into tears the day that she walked into our house after being away for a while and noticed that my youngest daughter had finally lost all of the baby qualities to her features. This was a few years ago. Now, my twins are turning ten in a couple of weeks and my youngest is nine, and far from being anything like a baby anymore. I am in heaven over the situation. The kids can wipe their own bottoms, pick up their own toys and do chores around the house. We actually get to sleep through the night almost every night in our house and the kids no longer bring home a new illness every two weeks. It is true, they were damn cute when they were little, but as I have admitted before, I loved my babies, but I don’t really resonate with little ones. Right now, my kids are in the process of becoming little people and I absolutely love it.
Yes, we have already entered into some of the annoying teenage behavior that I will be stuck managing for the next eight to te…

Helping He Who Helps

It is really old advice that we have all heard before, but may have not spent a lot of time contemplating or applying to our own lives. I mention often how many memes I witness floating through social media are about letting go of abusive people or simply eliminating those individuals who only seek to be on the receiving end of a relationship from our lives. I don’t know whether this is because people have so much difficulty establishing relationships, or because there are so many takers out there in the world. Being a positive person, I choose to believe in the former, but saying that, I also have to admit that I have had to extract myself from many relationships with people who I will not exactly call takers, but I will rather refer to as people who just are not ready for the kind of help I have to offer.
In almost all of the situations where I have had to back off of a relationship, it is at the point where I have come to understand that the friend in question is absolutely unwil…

A Hug And A Swift Kick In The Ass (Adult Language)

I don’t think that there is a single well rounded human being alive that has not been raised with many of both. Firstly, we hopefully get plentiful quantities of the two from the people who bring us up to be adults. As we grow we get them from friends and loved ones, and sometimes even from the universe in general. I am only seeking to stress the point that we all need a good balance of both. I know that many people would like to believe that all problems can be solved and all situations remedied with love. With this notion I adamantly disagree. I am a huge supporter of hugs, which I give and receive many times over each and every day. That said; there is absolutely no way in the world that I will disregard the effectiveness of a swift kick in the ass…and I mean this as a figure of speech, of course.
I recently had the amazingly blessed opportunity to spend time with my foster boys. The last time that I saw them was about twelve years ago, and they were just little guys, now they bot…


So first, a couple of small disclaimers here: One being that I know different cultures have some different expectations when it comes to appropriate attire. The family that I am going to talk about here looked very much to me to be Scandinavian. I do have a couple of friends in Sweden and Finland and I know that in certain situations much less clothing is acceptable than it is here in the states. Secondly, I still haven’t figured out exactly why I am putting the bulk of the responsibility for this event on the shoulders of the dad. I can’t say exactly why I am burdening him with the ultimate duty here, and I hope that no one interprets this fact to be sexist. I simply have an ingrained notion that he, of all people, should have been inspired into action by what his daughter was wearing in public.
The situation is that my kids and I were sitting in the stands at Sea World, waiting for our favorite show to start, and just about five minutes before show time, a family of five came in th…

The Selfie Situation

When I was getting my author page up and running I had enlisted my daughter as my photographer and had her taking head-shots for me. I honestly have to say that it was a very uncomfortable exercise on my part. There is something about being in a picture by myself that makes me feel extremely vulnerable. I am pretty sure that my children will never suffer from the same affliction because I am as bad as the paparazzi the way that I am always snapping pictures of them. I am sure they must be used to it by now. It just feels so strange to me to pose for a shot by myself. I want pictures of my friends and family with me.
As for the selfie I am a complete and total failure. I try to take pictures of myself with one of my children before and I absolutely suck at it. I have determined that I may have abnormally short arms. I have browsed some of the studies circulating about how people who often distribute the pictures that they take of themselves online are drastically more likely to have p…

Ten Air Travel Tips For Families

We flew from Central Florida to Portland Oregon this summer for our family vacation. The children had never been on an airplane before. We didn’t book flights in first class, and we had connections to make both ways. I can hapily report that our trip went amazingly smoothly. Here are a few pointers I would like to pass on as to the steps that we took to help make that happen:
1.Tennis shoes with socks and sweaters. Our kids are ten and ten and nine. They are required to take their shoes off at security and we do not get any special boarding privileges on planes. The tennis shoes ensure that their feet stay protected through all of the dangers of the airport without any injuries, and they don’t have to go through security without socks…EWW! Airport and airplane climate control is always unpredictable. It helps to have a layer to take off when it is hot and put on when it is cold. The kids stayed comfortable for the majority of our trip. 2.Prepare and take food. I looked up the restricti…