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The Natural Course Of Action (Adult Language)

Being a writer, I sometimes have to take a step back and remind myself to go easy on me. We all have our own inner critics, and it is easy for me to find myself bullying myself over what I am actually accomplishing. After all, the only thing that I am actually doing is just writing about shit, right? I type words into my computer about taking action, and changing things that abso-fucking-lutely must be changed, but all I am really doing myself is standing here and typing. There is not a lot of actual action going on…or is there?
When I let myself get critical, I am forgetting something very vital, and that is the natural course of action. Thinkers inspire writers, writers inspire speakers, and speakers inspire those who find their greatness in taking action. It is absolutely critical that each and every one of us know where our strengths lie in this natural progression of positive change. For instance, I forget that when I stand in front of my computer contemplating the idea that I a…

Sleeping With My Husband

We finally upgraded to a king sized bed this year; we started out twelve years ago in a queen that we co-slept with our twins in. Ironically, even with the greater amount of space that we have in bed we still seem to stick right next to each other even though we finally have some room to stretch out. In almost all cases, scientists will say that across the board, men sleep quite a bit more deeply than women. It has also recently been proven that women require more sleep than men to function normally. I know that this is true in our case because I get up to pee a few times each night, and I don’t know if I ever fell into a good deep sleep before our youngest daughter was five or so. Most people are not aware that mothers sleep with one ear open, so to speak. At this point my kids are sleeping pretty soundly, but still, I am not. I remember as a child how my mother used to lock the cats out of the bedroom because they always woke her up in the night.
Often, I go to sleep before my husb…

It Comes Down To Us

The perspective that I have gained as a human being, a woman, and American citizen, over the past ten years is staggering. The fact that I knew little to nothing about the state of female subjugation in the world when my daughters came into it is something that I am ashamed of. At that time, I was living in the fog that I believe the majority of the population lives in. I knew that there were terrible things happening in the world, but I had allowed myself to be convinced that they were happening somewhere far away, somewhere deeply detached from my own life. After having parented foster children, I believed that if I could be a loving and engaged parent that my children’s lives would be a cakewalk. That was a terribly naive misconception.
There are numerous challenges that young men growing up in our country today have to face. When it comes to my own son however, he will face only a fraction of those challenges because he is Caucasian. Additionally, he has the endless support of a …

Spirits Getting Lost

One of the biggest facets of common spiritual study that unsettles me is the deeply rooted irresponsibility that I see in its practice. Of course, those who believe strongly in the practice of spiritual study would probably tell me that because I see it this way, I do not understand it. I disagree. When individuals are constantly working toward the goal of letting things go, not letting anything bother them, and rising above their emotions, it only stands to reason, in my opinion, that they aren’t going to feel that their obligation to take out the trash or do the dishes is very goddamn important. Conversely, I can see these individuals putting a lot more effort into letting go of their emotions of shame and regret after causing harm than avoiding doing harm in the first place…again this is an opinion.
Here is a larger consequence that I can see coming out of the spiritual movement; there are a lot of people putting a lot of effort into focusing on themselves, when there are a hell o…

Ten Things To Start Giving A Crap About (Adult Language)

Seriously, it is worth the time and worth the effort.
1.Cooking. I had to separate this one from food because there are two different issues going on. If you don’t know how to cook, and aren’t living with someone who does; it is time to learn right now! The more people a restaurant serves, and the more highly mass-produced that food is, the more dangerous it is to put into your body. So, McDonalds is far more dangerous than, The Olive Garden, is far more dangerous than a local independently owned restaurant or food truck. The same goes for any food that is pre-processed and is available to heat and eat in grocery stores. For your health and the health of your family, you absolutely need to be preparing food from scratch in your home. 2.Food. Every person who wants to protect their health needs to start paying attention to exactly what they are eating and exactly where it comes from. I know that this involves a ton of work and a ton of expense on top of that, but it is vitally important…