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Real Mom Diaries (adult language)

I had my kids out at the theme park yesterday, well actually, the water park and then the theme park (spoiled little buggers). So of course, my son could not let the rather long and successful day go without causing an incident.
He is eleven, and I swear to god, he seems to have absolutely no self-control whatsoever when it comes to food. Almost every time that I mention this to another mother they swear that their son is the same way. It totally boggles my mind.
So it was late, and they wanted to hit one more roller coaster, and I hustled everyone into a restaurant that was getting close to closing just so that I could fill up my cup of coffee.
Just when I am handing my mug to the woman behind the counter who is about to deliver me that cup of rich warm heaven, I hear I woman shrieking at me from a couple of spaces back in line.
After I managed to decipher her alien language and figure out why in the hell she was pointing at my son like he had just torn the head off of a baby lamb …

Willpower (adult language)

I have decided that it is the battle cry of the modern, over privileged, white man, and I think that it is a complete and total load of crap.
Willpower is the word that people who are intensely attached to their accomplishments use when they want to dismiss people who are vastly less advantaged than they are.
Feeling fat? You just need some willpower. Stop eating ice cream all of the time and sitting on the couch watching TV. It is as simple as that.
Always broke? You just need to muster up some willpower and work extra hard at your job, and resist that subterranean desire to buy another pair of shoes. Then you won’t be broke. You just need some more will power.
Addiction problems. Muster up some will power you lousy excuse for a human being. Can’t you see that you are hurting the people all around you? A good dose of guilt and a little willpower are the perfect solution to any addiction!
Depressed? Will you just aren’t using your god given willpower to force those negative thoughts …

The Gift Of A Review

Writers love reviews. We need them, and depend on them for our sales as well as for our mental health. I imagine that there are very few of us out there who don’t give a crap about the material that we are putting out. For the majority of us, our work is personal, and although it may be our career, the fact that people are actually enjoying our work means far more to us than is easily imagined.
Finishing my novel was deeply important to me. The accomplishment did a great deal for my sense of self worth and accomplishment. It took me three years of my life while in the midst of parenting a kindergartener and two first graders, and then later homeschooling the kiddos while I continued to put down as many words as I could each day. I didn’t exactly put blood and sweat and tears into that novel, but I did put in a hell of a lot.
I work really hard to leave reviews myself. I don’t put as much importance into reviewing novels that have an extensive readership, however, I have noticed cert…

Building Bridges

A great deal of conflict exists in this world because someone has not had the opportunity to look at an issue from another person’s point of view.
It is rather simple.
People are dying, and wars are being waged, at this very moment, because of the plain fact that people do not understand where other people are coming from.
Even writing just those few lines, I believe that I could anger some individuals.
Why? Why do we believe that we have the right to be offended because someone mentions that there is something we do not understand? There are crap-loads, upon crap-loads of things that I do not understand, but two of the reasons that I like myself are because I will openly admit that fact, and because I am willing to try to understand that things that I do not.
I believe that one of my greatest blessings, as a human being, is my willingness to try and help people see situations from another perspective.
It takes time and effort to do this, and I will willingly admit that it can be a…

His Eyes Her Eyes

I was actually catcalled the other day at SeaWorld. I was proud of myself because I believe that I handled the satiation pretty well. I did face the offensive male, prop my hand on my hip, and question, “Really?”
I have been spared this type of behavior for quite a long time. I believe that this can be primarily explained by the fact that I usually have at least one of my children in tow and I tend to keep to extremely safe areas because I am a mom.
When the incident happened, I had left my kids seated at a show and run to get a cup of coffee. It was dark, my hair is blonde and it was in a ponytail. I can imagine that the young man seriously misjudged my age when he chose to call me out from the crowd.
When I told my husband about my brave rebuttal, he was in no way impressed. I tried to explain to him how difficult it is for women to stand up for ourselves in the face of this sort of verbal assault, because any rebuttal to a catcall can bring violence upon the woman attempting to de…

Ugh…Barbie (Adult Language)

I actually got tears in my eyes the other day in the store when I walked by a display of Barbie dolls. Do not get me wrong; my girls had an entire box full of them when they were little...just like I did. The toy market, and all markets geared at kids, truly do take advantage of the state of insanity that the parents of young children find themselves in.
Even though we have convictions and healthy plans for the upbringing of our children before they are born, almost all of us find ourselves backsliding on all of the things that we promised we would never expose our children to. By the time my eldest were five years old cartoons were playing in the background most of the day, and their rooms were filled with toys I said I would never buy for them.
I consider my saving grace the fact that electronic portable devices specifically designed for toddlers were not around when my kids were still that little, or I am afraid that they would have had them, and the thought turns my stomach. I k…

Making Cooking A Life Habit

There is no question that heavily processed foods are killing us. The food experts insist that unless the American Family embraces cooking, and starts preparing more meals at home, we will continue getting sicker as a nation. It is vital that each family find a way to get into the kitchen and cook. Our lives are busy, our schedules are crazy, but I absolutely guarantee that there is no better thing that anyone can do for their family in this coming new year than to start preparing more meals at home.
Hear are some ideas to help get you started:
1.Invest some dollars in kitchen tools. I am not a fan of gadgets, but paying for quality kitchen basics is money very well spent. Additionally, the more meals prepared at home, the more money saved in the long run. Investing in functional kitchenware is one of the best investments that a household can make. 2.Watch the food shows. If you watch T.V. - cooking shows are probably the best quality television that you can still get at this point. N…

Some Tips For Mixing Kids And Vegetables

I have three kids, and a husband that can still be somewhat picky, so I have learned a few techniques over the years that have helped to get the veggies eaten in our house. Here are a few of those; and I honestly hope that they help. Fruits and vegetables should truly make up the majority of a healthy diet, and most kids in our country are not eating as many as they should.
1.Green Peas. Almost every vegetable that I see kids turn their noses up at is overcooked. Don’t ever buy peas in a can: they are already destroyed. They are cooked simply by boiling a pan of water, and then adding a bag of frozen peas. Stir the peas into the water with a spoon, and as soon as that water begins to bubble, remove the peas from the heat and drain off the water. My kids love them warm with garlic powder, salt, and melted butter, or cold on top of a green salad or in a pasta salad with vinaigrette. 2.Carrots. Actually working some knife skills will help a lot with carrots. I have seen children devour …

Keep It To Yourself

Almost all of us were brought up with this influence in our lives. For some of us, it came directly from our parents, and for others it came from the generation of our grandparents.
Most Americans were taught by someone influential to them that there are certain subjects not to be discussed in mixed company. Maybe you were told that it was unacceptable to bring up politics or religion in public. Or perhaps you were even brought up being told that opinions are like assholes…
In other words, most of us were indoctrinated, at an early age, to believe that our opinions were not relevant but offensive, and that it was better to keep them to ourselves for the purpose of keeping the peace, or so that we could continue to enjoy the benefits of playing nice with others, in our little boat that never rocked.
What we have continued to keep ourselves in the dark about for generations in this country it that this is the precise way that societies are held in an oppressive state.
When there is co…

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