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I Can’t Keep Pretending to Be a Democrat

Let me start here: My husband and I joined several groups involved in our local democratic party at the beginning of this year. We lasted just over six months because we could no longer breathe through the bullshit.

To be fair - specifically for me - party work is just about as far removed from my strengths as I can get. For example, I absolutely LOATHE drama and popularity, and I personally have hidden in my house when refusing to answer an unexpected knock at the door - so why in the hell would I go around unexpectedly knocking on other people’s doors - seriously.

I attempted to get involved because I believed in the message that good people need to get into the party and begin to sway party opinion to a more progressive platform. That may be very true, but what I was neglecting to take into account at the beginning of this year is that there are democratic policies that not only do I not completely agree with - but that I am adamantly opposed to.

This is why I have always been an independent…duh. Welcome back to reality.

There are two major points about this that have been just chewing and clawing at the back of my mind for the past six months:

1. The democratic party’s solution to solving our health care problems is to put more money into our health care system to take care of everyone and this will solve everything.

2. The democratic party’s solution to solving our educational system’s problems is to give public schools a bigger budget and this will solve everything.

So here is my problem: Both of these solutions are absolutely preposterous, and as an intelligent person I am developing a stomach ulcer by repeatedly listening to this bullshit and not standing up and saying something.

Throwing money at systems that are completely and tragically broken is how the democratic party has earned it’s status as the party that throws money down a hole and never fixes things for many, many, Americans.

It is not that I want to have the evil republican machine in power. It is not that I want them to buy off every single one of our legislators and pursue the ultimate goal of eliminating the middle class and turning this country into a capitalist monarchy. I do not want to leave the sick and the poor out in the cold to die - quite the opposite.

Our medical system in this country is absolutely the worst system in the first world. It is the most exploitative, wasteful, unsuccessful, accident-prone, disorganized, reactive, health system that is even able to call itself a healthcare system in existence today.

It makes people sicker with it’s “remedies.” It encourages co-dependence on unnecessary health care visits for healthy citizens, overuse of simple over-the-counter drugs, (not to mention the prescription ones), and complete and total ignorance of holistic medicine and dietary health.

When you ask a democrat to CONSIDER the idea that the vaccine schedule could be incorrect, even if just by a bit - they start flailing around and screaming SCIENCE at the top of their lungs. Mind you, they are speaking to the recommendations for vaccines for over SEVENTEEN completely different diseases and as many three injections for each. Wanna know what is unscientific? How about refusing to even question a schedule that changes from year to year and suggests the administration of inoculations solely to protect hospitals from liability…how does that sound? Or have you even bothered to look into it?

The American healthcare system mantra is: “We have a drug for that!” The only, singular thing on earth that our health care system benefits is our pharmaceutical companies, (or possibly the processed food industry if you have bothered to look that deeply into it,) and the democratic party absolutely refuses to admit this.

Onto education - I cannot even begin to spell out the many levels on which this system is pathetically failing to educate children in this country. My friends who are teachers who have given up or are considering giving up teaching in this country are numerous and this is because the bureaucracy in our schools is so staggering and disheartening to those who care about education. 

One of the major reasons that I decided to home school my own children is because I do not trust these amateur administrations to simply keep my children safe and well cared for from the beginning to the end of the school day, and that isn’t even factoring in their EDUCATION!

When you consider the psychological damage that is loaded upon tiny children in first or second grade, pressuring them to conform to the narrowed windows of achievement allowed in our public schools, we should basically be considered mentally abusive when it comes to the way that we force our children to learn.

Still, we continue to think that it is great to introduce more standardized tests, keep taking away life skills classes like shop and home ec, eliminating artistic outlets for children in design and music…

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change. Wake up call democratic party - time to end the insanity. Our educational system is broken beyond repair! We need to level the whole thing and start rebuilding. Let’s start by taking the salaries away from the administration in public schools and start to watch things change.

At the end of all of this, I would like to mention these points:

My husband and I have not begrudged the money that we have paid into systems and insurance companies over the years, even though we have rarely made use of those benefits as a family of five. We do not do well visits and we certainly do not run off to the doctor every time that someone has a fever. We, unfortunately, in this day and age, believe that if you are not really really sick - you will remain far healthier if you stay the hell away from your doctor in the U.S.

We would love to hold onto hopeful delusions that all of that money we sent of to those companies actually went to pay for the care of sick people who really needed it, but we know damn well that it just went to line the pockets of insurance company CEO’s. This is why we must have a new system.

I don’t begrudge the portion of our taxes that goes to public schools, even though I have sacrificed a second income to teach my kids at home. I would like to hold the delusional hope that this money has gone to give a few kids living in challenged situations a chance, and a hand up. Realistically though, I know that it has probably only gone into the hands of school administrators, and shady contractors, and new curriculum pushers who are just selling more of the same old, (mostly historically-inaccurate), stories over and over again. It isn’t even going to the teachers who actually believe in our children.

I simply can’t keep pretending to be a democrat. I can’t stomach the drama, the pursuit of personal glory outside of the pursuit of public service, the ignorance of reality, and the constant support of throwing money into bottomless pits without working to reform broken systems. I believe that continuing to support this party would make me complicit in endorsing immense monetary waste and continuing the insanity.

It would be hopeful to say that the party will change at some point. I believe that it is too deeply set in its ways to change though. I sure as hell am ready to support a party that is truly and actually progressive while at the same time being organized, though. Not that one exists yet, but I hold onto hope that one will.


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