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Dismissing PETA

I know that by now many people are aware of the map published by the Southern Poverty Law Center that pinpoints different “hate groups” that exist in the US with their locations.

I spent a long time looking over it yesterday and it is horrifying.

I appreciated that they acknowledged hate groups from all sides, and particularly that they included the Black Panthers.

I believe that we often have a tendency to dismiss groups as non-hate groups or non-terrorist groups when we allow ourselves to empathize with the general principals upon which the groups are founded, even though we greatly disapprove of the actions that these groups inspire.

Over time I have allowed forgiveness toward the Black Panthers because I am sympathetic to the roots of their anger even though I had a classmate tortured and murdered in their name when I was young.

I didn’t realize until this morning how disappointed I am that PETA was left off of the list of hate groups in this country.

I personally believe that they a…


This year has had some serious bumps. It has also been amazing in a ton of ways for myself and for my family, but it has been really emotionally challenging for me. I have been really afraid for people, probably more that I have ever been in my life before. All of that is due to what is going on in our country and with our government, and it is like a damn dark cloud that follows me around no matter where I go.

I am not saying that it isn’t serving a purpose. I need the frigging cloud with me as a reminder not to stop fighting to make things better, but it has been really challenging having it around all of the time. The cloud was reinforced by a lot of loss at the beginning of the year, including that of our family’s dog. It sucked.

I have also had to distance myself from a lot of people who were constantly making me sad because all that I could see when I looked at their smiling faces was the privilege they were wallowing in while refusing to even acknowledge it. I was feeling so res…