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Some Days I Just Get So Damn Tired

Some days I just get so damn tired of fighting this battle.

You would never guess it from looking at me, but I am one hell of a warrior when it comes to being a mom.

Day in and day out, for the past fourteen years, I have been fighting for the life of my children.

I fight to keep the garbage that our ruined food system constantly shoves at them out of their mouths.

I fight to keep the dangerous and corrupted medical systems that are, SUPPOSED TO EXIST TO HELP US, as far away from them as I possibly can.

I fight so hard to expose them to people who are full of creativity and love and who have somehow managed not to bend to the will of our corporate masters.

I am usually very quiet about this.

I am quiet while I listen to people make mass judgements and condemnations about my personal beliefs.

I bite my tongue when other mothers are seeking advice because I know that “my advice” is not the advice that they want.

I decided to stop ever declaring that I hated anything the year that my twins were born and yet I ABSOLUTELY HATE having to fight to raise them in this environment.

I am an incredibly grateful person and you won’t ever hear me complain about the things that I do not have, but if I have ever wanted money for anything it would be so that I could provide my children with the freedom and opportunity to spend more of their childhoods in places where I felt like the world wasn’t striving to attack them at every single moment.

I love my country very much and I am overwhelmingly thankful for everything she has given to me, but dammit we are fucking up here.

So that is all. I will stop crying when I stop writing this and I won’t allow myself to wallow in it again for a while.

If you were in the mood to hear an honest person’s pain today though. This is it.


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