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Self-Sabatoging Science

Science teaches us to question.

That is the basic structure of science and the scientific method.

The first step is to question.

That is the problem…meaning the “problem” step in the scientific method, and also it is the problem that science is currently facing.

I am not a scientist. I am naturally rebellious. My brain is hardwired to question absolutely everything no matter the source.

I am also a mother.

I am a mother who has made many non-traditional choices where it has come to the health and well being of my children.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of these choices in regards to all three of my children. They are exceptional kids, and while I have a good understanding of my own bias in this case, they factually are very healthy children.

They are healthy in body, in mind, and in spirit, and I could not be more overwhelmingly grateful for anything else in the world.

I can honestly tell you that the choices that I have made for the health of my family do not align with what the general scientific community of today would recommend.

Not that it is an easy thing to do, being as how the scientific consensus on childhood health changes just about as often as the trash bag in my kitchen.

This gives me an interesting perspective on what I believe to be the current oppression of science.

Or possibly the corporate hijacking of science.

Hold onto your hats, because I am not going to say what you are expecting.

I am actually rather pissed off at the scientific community at this point in history because I believe that they have fallen into the pathetically idiotic trap of reacting to criticism by sabotaging their own field of study.

Many leaders in the scientific community are currently coming forward and touting a plethora of scientific advances publicly, as if they are all written in indelible ink on the pages of history.

This is absolute lunacy! Not only is it a completely illogical thing to do, it goes entirely against the foundations of science itself.

Science EVOLVES as an environment evolves. Science must be constantly questioned and tested. Science is not static. Theories and proofs are in a constant state of change because in the real world new evidence and data are constantly being presented to every scientific problem.

So when scientists go out and publicly defend the complete and total inflexibility of certain scientific advances they are behaving in exact contrast to the way in which a true scientist should behave.

They are, in essence, acting like politicians rather than scientists, when they demand that you accept what they believe to be immovable fact, rather that to question it or to attempt to improve it.

I have seen this happening even to the point that they are publicly ridiculing those members of the population that would question their “facts.”

This is not science. This is an agenda.

They had better be damn careful just what they are setting up here. I believe in actual science. It would be tragic for intelligent people to become more skeptical of it.

It takes some enormously cocky balls to go around defending the merits of a vaccine administered to newborns in the US SOLELY for the purpose of eliminating the liability of contamination by medical institutions. Specifically, when the creators of said vaccine designed it for administration  to adult users of intravenous illegal drugs only.


Or just plain ignorant, but I imagine that a scientist would go with cocky given the choice. 

To furthermore lump it into a pile right along with every other inoculation including one being successfully administered since the year 1890 is simply ludicrous.

With so much junk science floating around out there and being funded by our corporate masters, TRUE science has never been in deeper need of transparency and honest representation.

I do NOT believe in scientific demigods. When you stop doing research, and become a professional public speaker, are you still a scientist?

When you have decided that the general public is too stupid to think for themselves are you abandoning the principals of your field of study in favor of control over the masses?

Do you make yourself feel better about it by telling yourself that “this is for their own good?”

No WAY am I buying what you are selling.

Be smart. Think critically. Resist.


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