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Speak up Now or…

Prologue: Yes, this piece is far too short to actually get a prologue, but after having had my husband review it last night, I had a few thoughts to add. He told me reading this made him feel a bit uncomfortable and guilty.

He will not be voting for the Trumpster. He does however associate with the challenges of acceptance that I describe below and also with guilt for what I believe is very normal human selfishness.

My intention here is not to shame anyone for these extremely natural feelings, but rather to empower people to understand them. I am not expecting my demographic to be the person I am describing, but rather the friend who might undertake compelling them in a positive way by understanding what they are going through.

Additionally, not that it is all that important, but in regards to my blatant name calling below: I do not do this often. In this special case, pent up years and years of watching a man who represents absolutely everything that I detest about the “rich” white male have finally pushed me to this point. No apology is offered if you take offense.


Speak up Now or…

It is not the deplorable element that we need to be worrying about.

I mean, I know that they make us worry perpetually in a humanist way, and most of us wish that we could ship them off to some dirty mud island where they could shoot their guns and drive their big trucks happily wrapped in confederate flags so that we never had to witness it…ahh, to dream. 

They aren’t the problem that we are facing right now, though.

Right now the voters that you need to worry about are your quietly respectful friends who are doing anything and everything they can to avoid getting into a political argument.

They are planning to vote for Trump the Chump.

They are just too cowardly to come out and say it, because they know that you will instantly see them as  idiots.

They are not hiding it because their parents taught them to be polite and not talk about politics, and they are not hiding it because they want to be respectful of your feelings. They are hiding it because they are intelligent enough to be ashamed of themselves.

Please understand that I am not a Clinton fan, I could care less about her email and I don’t think that her health is any of my business, to be quite frank. I primarily loathe the fact that she wants us all to be poisoned by frankenfood, and abhor how willing she is to send our troops out to die, but I would rather vote for her any day of the week than cast my vote for Satan.

I know that people will say that it is not the end of the world if a candidate that is a complete buffoon gets elected because they really don’t have all that much power, and there are checks and balances, and blah blah blah.

I do think that those ideas are based on the assumption that said buffoon would not also be fucking completely bat-shit crazy, though. I mean, the commander in chief does have the power to wage war.

This bozo has publicly expressed his interest in launching nuclear weapons. What in the hell do we expect is going to happen if Putin insults his hair or something?

Do we really think that big-baby-dumb-dumb is going to maintain a level head…well…EVER?

This is why we all need to be very concerned right now.

So why in the name of god are your friends, whom you do know to be fully functioning adults with brain-cells, going to vote for Doofus Trump? 

Ask yourself this? Are your friends the popular kids, or are they nerds? I don’t know a single nerd who plans to vote for Trumpilicious, but I know a crap-load of popular kids who plan to vote for him.

Popular kids do what other popular kids do, and form their opinions based on what other popular kids say, god help us.

Embarrassingly, they associate with him, they empathize with him, and they want to be like him. I am sorry if that will serve to burst any of your bubbles, but it is true.

For some reason professional people who are driven to seek material wealth are absolutely TERRIFIED of having the money that they have not yet earned taken away from them. Even more-so than people who have already amassed that wealth.

I see it over and over again. I have friends who just ooze fear for the money that they could possibly loose one day, and for the entitlements that they currently have which they fear could be taken away from them by evil liberals.

That’s rich right? (Pun intended.) They refuse to acknowledge the privilege that they have, yet they will do almost anything to protect it. Welcome to the white middle-class.

Now, from experience, when confronted with this, I normally get back a somewhat scripted diatribe about hard work and equal opportunity, which makes me wonder if these guys have secret meetings in the locker room to rehearse the lines.

Amazingly, they seem to be supporting one another on this big Trumpwagon with arguments that they pull out of thin air. I saw someone today claim that Mr. Trumpanizer cares about “the working man.” What in the ever loving hell? I know that he will SAY anything, but what has he ever done to substantiate that statement? The reality is quite the opposite.

The Trumpmeister cares about the Trumpmeister, and the Trumpmeister alone.

God-dammit, I just know too many white dudes. 

Acceptance is really hard for white dudes, it is difficult for them to accept that they, just like most people, are a little greedy, and that they just might benefit from advantages on a daily basis that other people do not get. It makes them feel like they are being called cheaters.

They are also afraid that they will look weak if they admit to the fact that people need to work together to improve our society and to take back our government. Unity is very very mushy and feminine in their eyes.

They are very scared, and they deeply need to ignore all of these things and go home, and drink beer, and watch Fox news which is a magical program that tells them about everything that they need to keep being afraid of and everyone who is going to take away their money…when they have it…someday.

Simply put, they are really scared, and they like to have stuff. T-bag has stuff, so he is going to protect their rights to keep all of their stuff and to get more stuff, because they have all worked so hard for it, and they deserve it, dammit!


We need to talk to them. We need to be sensitive, and we need to be kind and patient. It won’t be easy, but we really really need to try because I do NOT want a president Dipstick Trump.

Poor W. was just a sad slow puppet who did what daddy’s friends told him to.

The T-Monster is an intolerant, sexist, bigoted, law-breaking, red-faced child who listens to NO ONE…and oh yeah, the rest of the world HATES him.

So please talk to your politically quiet friends and try to get them to hear reason…gently.

*One a last note: if all of our efforts fail and the emperor with no clothes does get elected, PLEASE don’t leave. We all need to stay here to help protect our neighbors and to get him kicked out of office as soon as humanly possible…believe me, he will be giving us rock-solid cause right away.


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