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Misogyny is SO Alive & Well

dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.


That image up top is me with my are-you-serious face on.

My husband and I attended a blog con here in Central Florida yesterday.

I tend to be far more isolationist than my husband is. It is with good reason. I refuse to ignore things, so society normally hits me pretty violently and emotionally, and it takes me time to recover from it.

From my carefully crafted friends lists on social media, my working from home & at the Unitarian Church, and my fervent avoidance of malls, I don’t have to put up with a whole lot of ass-hattery  on a daily basis, and I thank the fucking benevolent universe for it every day.

Yesterday, I couldn’t avoid being thrust right back into the butthole of American society though, arm’s length deep too. It sucked.

Not that I didn’t learn things at the con, & not that my husband didn’t get in some great networking time…God-dammit, did I fucking write THAT? Anyways…

To begin with, I was wearing a shirt that said “Porn Kills Love.” This is a social awareness campaign about how damaging the current availability of internet pornography is to our society at large.

I got two compliments on my shirt from two different men who CLEARLY had not read past the first word.

Fucking nauseating! And of course, this is a friend making shindig so I am supposed to just be nice and not correct the asshats, because clearly they are so fucking stupid they truly believe that learned adult women wake up in the morning & put on their pro-porn tee-shirts to go out and help spread the word about how awesome porn is…DEAR GOD!

Apparently, and thank fucking baby Jesus I missed the breakout session where I would have been one on one with these people, a great number of female bloggers in my area belong to a group called Lady Bloggers.

Now, I am kind of old school to begin with, I privately seethe at the notion of authors being in groups and clubs and networking because that’s just fucking stupid. Writers established a system for our fucking introverted-selves a long god-dammed time ago, and it works.

The way that we are supposed to communicate with one another is one on one, writer to writer, with chain smoking and copious amounts of red wine involved, not fucking kum ba yah and woo-girling it all over the place like fucking idiots.

And then these geniuses went and named themselves “lady bloggers”? 

Lady-parts, lady-slippers, lady and the tramp, Oh, Lady...Oh, Lady...Oh, Lady!

I shit you not, I wanted to go and shake each one of them by the shoulders and yell “Do you know what the hell a suffragist is and what she god-dammed went through for you, you TWIT?

There is NOTHING that can enrage a feminist more quickly than a fucking ignorant female traitor!

I have to wonder why these women even identify themselves as women FIRST when it comes to blogging. Not by their genre, or their hair color, dog or cat preference…but no, okay, fucking fine, just stay away from me. 

We don't do this bullshit consciously by choice, it is by conceding over and over again and succumbing to our societal training to be good girls and shut the fuck up and not rock the fucking boat that causes it. Period!

Then, as a topper, we had Yelp there at the closing of the event. My husband had wanted to speak with one of their representatives, and when I pointed out that they were closing up he was discouraged that he hadn’t gotten the opportunity.

I said, “Honey, I don’t think they even have a representative here. All that I have seen are two seemingly twelve year old girls in hot pants handing out plastic promotional  crap and batting their oversized eyelashes. Unless you are planning to find out their shoe size or their favorite flavor of bubble gum, I don’t think that they are going to be able to tell you much.”

So yeah, I definitely did learn some things, and brush up on some others, but if the organizers get a glance at this, they may want to think some more about why 80% of their audience was new this year, and there were only a few repeat attendees, which isn’t something that you should really ask an audience to raise their hands about in my opinion. Seeing as you should know these statistics before your presentation…unless you believe that your entire audience is so inferior to you that they won’t fucking notice…ahem.

You also turned this feminist off like a case of leprosy.

Conservationist too, there was no fucking recycling available for all of the water bottles you were handing out. Cheers!


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