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10 Reasons Their Argument Is F*****g Stupid !

~ The only reason this story is even in the media is to DISTRACT you. It is disgusting that I am writing about it. Go find out what your circus of a government has done while you weren’t paying attention. GOOD JOB on your patriotic participation in that shit show BTW.

~ Our National Anthem is a racist diatribe written by a racist slave owner. Look it up. No black man, even one who performs sports tricks to amuse you should ever be expected to stand for it, quite frankly. I wonder why I do.

~ Did you forget that our country is ABOUT FREEDOM? The right to PROTEST is not in existence merely for you to fall back on when something is actually important to you. Freedom is there for all citizens of our country. Not just you!

~ And FREEDOM is exactly what every single person who fights for this country is fighting for. Yea, that, FREEDOM. The freedom to stand, to sit, to pick your nose. THAT!

~ Performing mass rituals in public may actually mean something different to you than it means to someone else. Do you remember at what age you learned you were not pledging your allegiance “tothebublicowhichastans”?  These are vastly meaningless public rituals that you have been trained to perform like a robot. Don’t jump on someone because they suddenly woke up and decided to exercise their own free will. (WHICH MY ANCESTORS FUCKING FOUGHT FOR, BTW, AGAIN!!!)

~ The precise reason that so many things are so shitty in this country today is because no one stood up, or sat down respectively, and did something about them.

~ Nobody has batted a fucking eyelash when professional sports players have been arrested for everything from robbery, to domestic violence, to rape, to running a fucking dog fighting operation, but god forbid one of them should choose to PROTEST something!

~ 99% of people who are angry about the “sitting incident” are angry about it because they are uncomfortable with their own privilege. I do not feel sorry for you! Come to fucking terms with it, and make this country a better one. If you live here, and you have white skin, you are PRIVILEGED. Deal with it and stop making a FOOL of yourself…and just for the record, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with “how hard you have worked.”

~ Have any of us ever even wondered why we even participate in “honoring our country" before partaking in the visual spectacle of athletic men bashing their heads into one another, and doing damage which is now proven will most likely effect their brain function in subsequent years? These men, many of whom chose to take this course in life to escape the probable future they had scarcely few chances to avoid…almost…kind of…sort of…like a system that might remind us all a bit of…dare I say it: SLAVERY? Not forgetting the anorexic women dancing beside them who are compensated at barely above the pay rate of girl scouts for their voluntary starvation and super cool dance moves? This is definitely quite a show. I wonder if they had the equivalent of our national anthem played before the events at the fucking Roman Colosseum?

~ So back to the press. The reason that this whole thing is fucking stupid is because you are a puppet. Please be angry, most all of us are tied up with invisible strings these days. Please start looking around. In the currently pathetically competitive world of “journalism”, does it really make sense that the woman who gets the air time to vent her racist ignorance got there because of her journalistic aptitude? Particularly when she clearly spends so much time in a make-up and hair spray fog, deprived of food - do we REALLY think that she is the best of what the real news has to offer? Or is she babysitting the masses while the real news goes on, outside of your living room?


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