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You Are Not Special (Adult Language)

This is something that I do not think children hear much from their parents today the way that a lot of kids from my generation did. Then again, it is pretty surprising that they don’t considering that every kid gets a fraking trophy just for showing up these days. Isn’t that special?

Unfortunately, the phenomenon spans from little children, all the way up to our retired citizens in this day and age. I witness the behaviors inspired by the belief in being special over and over again, in all kinds of people.

When I worked as an officer on a cruise ship, my post was in front of one of two sets of elevators located on our ship during boat drills, which occur on the first day of each new cruise.

My job, once the drill was dismissed, was to inform all of the passengers that the elevators were only available for the handicapped, due to the rush of the crowd at that time. It was the most difficult job that I had on the ship.

Everyone was so damn special that they all needed a ride right away. You would be surprised what awesome energy those spontaneously disabled people all came up with for the purpose of proving to myself, and their other poor handicapped competitors, how much their special-little-selves were deserving of that fucking solitary elevator.

In my years floral design the special individual was pretty obvious. Every aspiring bride is willing to spend exorbitant amounts of her, or her father’s, money for the specific purpose of her wedding being epically different from every one that has ever taken place on planet earth before.

In the end, every single wedding ends up being pretty much exactly like every other one, specifically when it comes down to the bride attempting to have her one special day, and her bridesmaids working relentlessly to maneuver themselves into the special spotlight.

In our neighborhood we have a small playground located on one of the lakes with no available parking. It is basically there so that the people who live nearby can walk their kids over to play for a while.

There is a filtration system on the lake that sometimes needs maintenance. It is gated, and has one space available in front of the gate for a utility truck to pull into. Every single day when I run by the park, I am never surprised to see a random mini van or station wagon parked there.

Even though there are a ton of signs posted all over the place that say no parking. The neighborhood has neglected to put up a sign that lets special people know that they are allowed to park there. It is a shame because that is obviously what the spot is for.

It is a rampant and very destructive problem in our society. Self-centeredness (or entitlement), in opposition to cooperation, leads to car accidents, domestic disputes, and even criminal violence in our country every single day.

Of course we want for our children to know that they are wonderful, talented individuals, but we should not be teaching them that they are more wonderful or more talented than anyone else is. This behavior obviously causes great harm in the world.

If we could simply garner the forethought to teach young people that they have unique special abilities and their own special greatness, rather than teaching them that they are randomly and all-powerfully special, we would be doing society a hell of a favor. We all need to get on that, no excuses, none of us are special.


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