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Prevention Should Come First

This morning I woke up to the news that yet another one of my friends is battling breast cancer. At first, of course, I felt a lot of concern for her, but after I had processed that pain I was left feeling primarily very angry.

My husband asked me whether this anger serves me well, and my response is that I don’t really know. Maybe we should all be angry, angry for ourselves, and our friends, and for our daughters.

I have had three friends struggling just this year, and only that I know of. They are all younger than fifty, and I believe that two of them are not even forty. One of them went in and found out that she carried the gene and bravely chose to go in for massive surgery before she got sick.

My most recent friend to battle with this disease is a seriously healthy woman. I grew up around her family. These people are deeply health conscious and live seriously long lives.

They, those of the medical industry, keep telling us that this has to do with genetics, but we get a hell of a lot more from our mothers than DNA. Our mothers teach us our eating habits, our cooking habits, our fitness practices, and the best brands to buy at the grocery store. For most women, they define the majority of our social habits. So is it so off base to consider that if they have been putting themselves in the way of environmental dangers that they have also taught us to do the same things?

I don’t have a history of breast cancer in my family. I have always felt pretty safe because of that fact, but I do not know if I do anymore.

North America and Australia both have new cases of Breast Cancer occurring at off of the charts numbers right now. I did the research, the country of Australia does not even compare to the US in its consumption of sugar, or soda, or fatty foods, nor in its incidence of obesity or diabetes. It does compare strongly to the US in regards to its energy consumption however.

Is my stringent diet irrelevant? Have I changed over to chemical-free household products for nothing? Does my daily exercise routine have absolutely no impact whatsoever on whether or not I am going to die of cancer someday?

Am I being slowly but surely poisoned every day of my life by the bi-products of my country’s dysfunctional love affair with power?

I think that it is time that we start demanding better answers from our medical institutions. When a doctor says to someone that it was just their bad luck that they developed a sickness, we need to stop accepting that excuse. My own sister-in-law nearly died of a disease that is still considered idiopathic.
None of the groups that are supposedly out there seeking a cure for this disease are doing anything that I can see to promote prevention. The science has been around for a long time that proves that wearing bras and binding our breasts on a daily basis is contributing to the occurrence of breast cancer.

The Koeman organization however, continues to refuse to acknowledge these vitally important scientific findings. Are the administrators of the organization making so much money off of breast cancer that they don’t want to see a cure found? Have they become so greedy that they will not even recommend prevention to the public?

We know that hormones administered to women in the form of medication to manage the symptoms of menopause contribute to higher risks of developing breast cancer. I have never once heard a single doctor, or other person beside myself, suggest that hormone supplementation for the purpose of contraception could contribute to breast cancer risks as well.

We know that the younger a woman goes through puberty, the more likely she will be to develop breast or ovarian cancer, and yet we put no research into the amounts of hormones that the average woman is accumulating through the ingestion of meat and dairy products. I have a relative whose seven-year-old daughter is about to go on hormone supplements to repress signs premature puberty. The situation absolutely terrifies me!

I guess the place where my ultimate anger stems from is the place where I wonder if all of my efforts are in vain. I have done everything that I can think of, and study on a daily basis to keep my family as safe as I possibly can. We have gone to great lengths to keep this family healthy, and will it all be for nothing in the end because no matter what I do my family is still being slowly poisoned by countless unknown sources?

All that I have are prevention and nutrition. If I ever fall ill one day I will not allow doctors to poison my body in an effort to eradicate a disease. I will let them set a bone any damn day of the week, but the aggressive therapies currently employed to fight disease are simply not for me.

I have faith in my health and my safety, but I have zero faith in the idea that my government is doing the things that should be done to keep its people safe. Health care and medicines should not cost what they do, doctors should be people who actually care about healing, and research in prevention should always be the first course of action in the face of a devastating disease.

Our government is failing us, our EPA is useless, and the citizens of our country are vulnerable to suffering from all sorts of sicknesses that are being observed in the greatest numbers in our own nation. No wonder Americans are all so frightened, but our fear is completely misplaced. We need to get the greed out of our government and start taking care of our citizens again. 


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