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Closed Minds (Adult Language)

I was reading an article earlier about the vapid stupidity surrounding the recent Ebola paranoia. A couple of paragraphs in, the writer completely lost my ear when he/she mentioned that all of the crazy people running around in an unwarranted panic haven’t even gotten their flu shots.

You see; I have had exactly one flu shot in my entire life. I do not allow them to be administered to my children. I believe that they are dangerous because they are high in heavy metals and they handicap the immune system. They are also highly ineffective, which renders them in no way worth the risk they pose to general health. That is my opinion.

What I did not just say there, is that every person who does choose to go out and get a flu shot is an absolute moron. I did not say that they are one of those people who runs off to the doctors office for a z-pack every time that they get a sniffle or a fucking hang nail. I did not mention that they are likely the cause of the growing ineffectiveness that antibiotics have on curable diseases.

Were I have said that, not only would I have been a glaringly judgmental asshat, I would have alienated a ginormous portion of my audience. People do this every single damn day though, when they are writing or speaking publically, as well as when they are interacting in intimate social groups.

I had an actual relative of mine say to me recently that the kind of people who go to NPR for their news aren’t interested in public health or their risk of contracting Ebola. To be fair, she was speaking rather quickly in an effort to prove her point and I am not sure that she thought through those words very thoroughly before they came out.

I read a lot about public health and poverty, and I constantly come across articles that choose to insult every person in the world who has reservations about vaccines, along with accusing us of being responsible for spreading disease throughout the world.

I have mentioned time and time again to people that sure, I didn’t vaccinate my kids until they were older, and a lot of people think that this is seriously fucking irresponsible. However, I did keep my children relatively isolated from the public the entire time that they were babies. I happen to think that it is seriously fucking irresponsible to pass a three-day-old baby around to an entire church congregation.

Different people have different opinions. This does not mean that either one of us is entirely correct. It doesn’t mean that we don’t both have rights to our own opinion, and it doesn’t mean that we can’t make things better if we work together and listen to one another, rather than pissing each other off instantly, and never working towards solving anything.
We would be making a lot more progress in the world today if we were all a little less goddamn judgmental, or if we could simply learn to shut up about our judgments for the sake of sharing intelligent information.

I choose to homeschool, and I have friends and relatives who are teachers. I have a huge problem with the medical institution, but I have friends who are nurses, and another who is a pharmacist, and an uncle who is a doctor. I am very liberal in regards to many social issues, but I support my Republican uncle in his campaign for circuit court judge.

The world is not black and white, but the press sure as shit does like to make it look that way, and get us all yelling and screaming at each other over issues that absolutely require level-headedness and compromise to solve.

All I ask is that you keep your life diversified. We all need friends and acquaintances that have different opinions from our own, and we need to work hard to listen to their points of view. It can be extremely difficult, I am no saint, I would have a hell of a hard time sitting down and listening to someone explain to me how evil homosexuals are, but we are never going to solve anything in this world until we open up our minds and start listening.


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