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Saving Our Families

We all have free will. It takes a strong mind to admit when that free will is under attack. Philosophers have predicted for centuries that what is going on currently would happen one day. They hypothesized that the only way that the wealthy could ultimately overtake the masses would be by handicapping our free will through the spread of misinformation, and by chemically pacifying us.

Do you know that sugar has an almost identical effect on the brain as cocaine, and that it is just as addictive? Do you know that in World War Two massive amounts of fluoride were poured into the water supplies of concentration camps, for the purpose of pacifying the captives? Are you aware that there are many countries in the world that consume far more cigarettes per capita that the U.S. and yet we have the second highest rate of lung cancer deaths in the world, higher even than China?

Just this week, I lost my second family member to type-two diabetes. I have other family members who are at high risk from the same disease. My family members are dead and dying because they had trust in our government. Most of us believe that the foods we are eating are safe. Most of us are wrong.

If you want for your own children to live long and healthy lives, the most powerful thing that you can teach them is to question everything that they learn. Where did this information come from? Who stands to gain from me believing this information? Who will ultimately make money off of my belief in this information?

The running blame, for decades now, has been placed upon the victims of our food industry. My grandfather died at the beginning of the epidemic. The “experts” claim that these people are responsible for their illnesses. They say that these people have no self-control. They say that the victims just need to get out and exercise more.

How exactly, is someone supposed to defend himself or herself from an addictive substance that the institutions they trust are telling them is perfectly safe? How are they supposed to muster up the courage to seek help when they are being blamed for their own sickness? How are they supposed to dissolve their addiction when the only solution that they are offered comes in the form of pharmaceuticals, dangerous surgeries, and the advice to muster up some self-control?

The food industry is making billions off of our national disease. Our citizens are dying as a result. They are systematically keeping us ill, because when we are ill we consume more. The “solutions” that they continue to offer up: Sugar Substitutes, Fat-Free Foods, Reduced Calorie Meals. They are only making us sicker and sicker.

“Eat real food, mostly vegetables, learn to cook.” It is a mantra for survival that many people in our country would look at as a punishment. This is because they are addicted to the foods that are killing them, and it is getting worse every single year.

I do not want what has happened to my family to happen to yours. Get the refined sugar out of your house however you can. Please learn to prepare your own meals at home. Use fresh ingredients as often as possible. Work hard not to purchase any processed food that contains more than five ingredients. Do not eat chemicals that you cannot pronounce nor identify.

You can stop this epidemic. Each one of us can. Do not allow your family to be poisoned for the sake of corporate greed. We have lost too many beloved family members already. It is time for this to end.



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