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Our Schools Are Making Us Stupid And Killing Our Kids (Adult Language)

Do you ever think about what things they aren’t teaching our kids at school? I know scores of people who are completely pissed off about common core, and I will readily admit that I am no supporter of it. I was thinking how ridiculous it is however, that we are all complaining about common core when the whole entire school system is completely screwed up to begin with. We are still using a horribly antiquated system of math and reading based learning, which because there are seven different learning classifications, puts five out of seven children at a disadvantage from the very beginning. That isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to the really big problem though.

The really big problem is that we are, and have been for a very long time, teaching children skills that a few of them will use here or there later in life, and completely ignoring a huge spectrum of things that they will absolutely need in the future to function. Think about it? Do we teach children at a young age to consider information carefully when it comes to them? Do they learn systems to help them assess whether information is relevant, slanted, or even true. Do we teach kids to question where their information is coming from, and who stands to benefit from them believing that information? I believe that we absolutely do not, and that is the reason that we are cultivating a nation of easily manipulated idiots who have no fucking clue how to assess information. It is also why the majority of people actually believe that they can get factual news from CNN or Fox.

Brace yourself; it gets worse. Are we teaching children, at an early age, what sort of responsibility they have to their communities? Are we teaching them how to be good citizens, and how vital it is that they vote in elections? Do they even offer citizenship class in most schools these days? Are children being taught the importance of public service and volunteerism? Are we teaching children how to limit the waste that they produce, or the importance of conserving electricity and water? Do we have curriculums that teach children how to balance a checkbook or create a household budget? Are they being given classes on how to invest money intelligently, what 401K’s are, or how to prepare for retirement. Are we teaching them about the immeasurable dangers of debt? Are they being given curriculum that includes the specifics of the laws that affect families like marriage and divorce laws, or how custody works? How many kids come out of high school not even knowing how to behave in an interview or how to fill out a job application? Would you cry if I told you that I had to teach every single employee that I hired at my coffee cart how to count back change?

Again, I have to stress that even all of this is just a tiny slice of everything that our kids are missing out on. You may be reading this and thinking that I isn’t really a big deal, because you are teaching all of this to your own children at home. If you are then kudos to you! You are a great parent. The reality of the situation however, is that most people are not teaching any of this to their children. Not only do I not want to see those kids suffer for our failure to teach them the basic necessities of being an adult in our society, I don’t want a bunch of uneducated morons ending up in charge of my country one day. It is absolutely staggering to me that we let children go all of the way through school without receiving an ounce of self-empowerment education. We are turning out adults who have absolutely no clue how to positively motivate themselves. Instead we teach them how to numb themselves with television, and food. Speaking to my comment about killing our children: we no longer teach children how to cook in schools. At the same time that we see our country’s population getting sicker and sicker because they are eating garbage from fast food restaurants, we are no longer teaching our children how to prepare healthy meals at home. It is a fucking travesty, and it makes me sick.

It is time for us to stop squabbling like a bunch of overgrown children over, sexual education, and prayer in schools, and goddamn common core, and start giving our children some tools that they are actually going to use in life. I want for the next generation to be the one that changes the world for the better, because we are in desperate need of that change. If we don’t stop graduating a bunch of zombies who can do calculus but nod numbly any time that they are given a piece of information, we are taking that chance away from them.


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