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Death To Television

There is this amazing quote from someone back in the forties or fifties, which I have looked for and haven’t been able to find for years. It speaks to how television is either going to eventually destroy our society or be a beacon of light in its informational power. Of course, I believe that we have proven that it is pretty irretrievable from the dark side at this point. A family member of mine, which is tragic because my family still farms corn and soybeans, had put up a link to a bit that was done on the Jimmy Kimmel show the other day where they went out in public and sought out undereducated people who still chose to avoid GMO’s but could not explain their motivations well, and made fools out of them on TV. After explaining in detail how GMO’s are actually going to take out our entire population if they are not gotten rid of soon, I mentioned that Jimmy’s cronies would really loathe me because I know exactly how to defend my point. Then it occurred to me that I also know exactly the way we can ultimately destroy television, and I say we do it.

TV started out in large part simply making fun of women because we are so damn stupid. Television began with degrading females and people who weren’t rich white men. Then it evolved further into seeking out the less intellectually advantaged to make fun of, and this has basically become television’s legacy. Game shows started pulling in real human beings to laugh at over their stupidity instead of actors, and then there were dating shows, and shows for married couples. Talk shows started pulling in undereducated female hosts who were barely even sober. The masterpiece is the modern reality show. I still cannot explain the fascination that our nation’s population has with watching people make fools of themselves, and I have honestly tried. There are theories out there about how watching people on television whom the average Joe can feel superior to comforts them in some way, but I honestly think that it is just a glaring sign of how sick our society has become. I remember, years ago, seeing those poor young people who clearly had borderline mental disorders, competing on the singing shows or dancing shows, because they knew that they must be brilliantly talented. How horrifically sad is it that the judges of these shows laughed at those poor individuals, and that those show’s producers exploited those people to get them publically mocked on a national level?

So the solution is simply this: well, in our house we have just turned the damn thing off, and we only watch video media selectively. When dealing with the rest of the population however, I say we just force everyone to get educated, as if it is such a frigging hardship, right? Intelligent individuals make for overwhelmingly boring television. If those asses who walk around in public seeking out stupid people for interviews kept having trouble finding anyone who couldn’t answer their questions correctly, I think that they would just go away. If the real housewives of wherever-the-hell were too busy reading to have cat fights and pull each other’s hair, then those shows, would blessedly, go away too. If all of the contestants on the bachelor show quit with a collective declaration that they weren’t interested in some shallow ass who was treating them all like a harem, and that they were going to out and get careers that the young women in their lives could actually look up to them for…well that would be just amazing, wouldn’t it?

It is just another one of those things that those of us who are intelligent individuals are having trouble letting go of. We know that it isn’t good for our families or ourselves. We know that numbs the mind, objectifies both men and women, and sensationalizes actual news. It has become absolutely impossible to locate real un-biased information on the television. Just like the sugar that we covet collectively, we do not how to let go of it, and we need to find a way. Remember when you went to camp when you were little and there were no televisions around at all? Do you remember missing the TV or being bored even once the entire time? Do you remember spending all of that time exploring, and learning, and building relationships instead of existing in the stories of that false electrical box? We need to get back to that place. It is a better place. We simply must find the will to act. Unintelligence and television are co-dependent. The existence of one ensures the existence of the other. If we can get people learning instead of watching TV, we can get rid of it altogether.


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