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You Are Not Crazy. You Are An Asshole. (Adult Language)

I almost responded to a comment on an article that I was using to research the NFL and its practices. Here is the comment:

“The way they make this out to be some sort of miserable serf system is ridiculous. No one is forcing them to be on this squad. If the weight/appearance/hairstyle/attendance requirements are so awful, they could always, you know.....not be an NFL cheerleader? Or am I crazy.”

Dude needs to learn punctuation too…anyways, what finally got me going on this was the most recent domestic violence arrest involving an NFL practice squad player with the New York Jets. This is after the highly publicized domestic violence incident involving Ray Rice, where he was suspended for two damn games in comparison to Daryl Washington who was suspended for an entire goddamned year for using a non-performance-enhancing drug, which is now legal in some states and is highly less dangerous than alcohol for fuck’s sake. I have to point out the coach’s comment in regards to Enunwa’s arrest here, he was the practice squad player, and these are coach Ryan’s words:

"There's different things, but obviously there's a big difference from being charged, allegedly charged, whatever and convicted. So again, I'm not going to get into what ifs or anything like that," said Ryan.

This is what these politically controlled puppets do. They hem and haw, and help every man out there to alleviate themselves from the responsibility of the fact that every time they turn on a fucking NFL game they are contributing to one of the most subjugating organizations of women in our entire fucking nation.

My parents do not do sports. They are artistic and intellectual, and I did not grow up with football, or any other sport for that matter, playing on the television. My husband did, and after years of just ignoring it all, a neighbor of ours actually drew me into understanding the brilliant tactical choreography that goes into a game of professional football. I gained an appreciation for this sort of physical-human-game-of-chess. I embraced the Jacksonville Jaguars as a loveable underdog team, and I really enjoyed watching them play. That was before I looked into what was going on.

There are virtual craploads of journalists out there seeking to defend the NFL, which in case you have not heard, is actually a non-profit business organization that serves as a sort of tax shelter for its leagues, and retain tax-exempt status. The layers of corruption and legal money shuffling go deep and wide. As to the women who cheer for the leagues: it is true that they barely make a living wage, and much of that seems to be accomplished by some sort of barely-dressed fundraising activities that are what the above quote, by the asshole, is referring to. In short, the leagues feel that these women are being blessed with the elite advantage of getting the awesome opportunity to expose a large percentage of their abused bodies on national television, as they bounce up and down. Why would they expect to actually be fucking paid when they are getting exposure like that? Greedy damn women!

Then there are those journalists who will defend the overwhelming numbers of arrests that occur within the league, and try to compare them to numbers of arrests amongst the regular population. From what I have read, they may be using some very interesting number magic to make the claims that they are making, but besides all of that, if you take the time to read the Player Arrests Database, it reads like a fucking horror story. It specifically lists an overwhelming number of crimes against women and violence enacted upon those women, or allegedly so, hem haw, with the resolution to the arrest in almost every single case listed as “undetermined”.

I don’t give a shit what these guys say or how they feel about their responsibility to society, but whether they like it or not, they are role models and our children look up to them. As a group they have a disgusting absence respect for females in general, which is displayed much more strongly by their actions than their words. Like I said, I have given up watching, but I never had a deep love for the game. I know a lot of people who do though, and it is a damn shame that the fans go along with all of this and allow their children to be affected by the obvious misogyny of this entire organization. They absolutely will not change unless the fans demand it. Please demand justice for the victims of domestic violence whether or not the man who carried it out was a fucking NFL player. These assholes to not deserve a special pass to beat on women whenever they feel like it, and that is exactly what we are allowing to happen.

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