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Wellness Under Attack

As Americans we live in this beautiful country with so much opportunity and so many resources, and I believe that it is an absolute travesty that almost our entire population is fighting a daily battle for our own wellness. I spent the majority of my life not understanding this fact. It was not until my children were born, that I began to uncover reality after reality about how the people and the systems that we trust to keep us well are actually doing the opposite. Profit is more highly valued than people in our country today. Even the people who are aware of this problem are often so entrenched in its complicated system that they cannot help but contribute to it. I believe that we can actively turn it around as a society, but it is going to take a lot of work, and we have a hell of a Goliath to fight.

A friend of mine has a family member who is severely overweight and eats a horrible diet. She has gotten to the point where her weight gives her problems with her knees and she has trouble walking. The last time that she was at the doctor, he spent the entire session, not addressing her weight, but convincing her that she needs to be on blood pressure medicine. The last time that I took my daughter to the pediatrician I was interrogated by the doctor as to why I had put her on a gluten free diet, and actually had to explain to the woman how gluten intolerance worked and that there was not a pill to fix it. I know that there are doctors out there who actually care about people, but they are a rapidly dying breed. Do not give your full trust to any doctor, and do not get your medical information from websites that are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies: your wellness is not in their best interest.

I walk into the grocery store these days on a mission to battle for my health. Over eighty percent of the products that can be purchased in the average grocery store contain some form of refined sugar and it is killing us. We are addicted to sugar as a nation, and the people that you know who are suffering from type two diabetes and obesity are not lazy, or unwilling to take care of themselves. They are simply the consumers that our food companies want them to be. There are several times more sugars than a person should consume in an entire day in only one fast food meal, not to mention all of the other health harming ingredients that are packed into them. We are not teaching our own children to prepare homemade meals for themselves anymore, and they aren’t learning these skills from public education either. If our kids do not learn how dangerous processed foods really are, start reading labels, and start cooking for themselves; they are going to die at a much younger age than we are. Do not trust any health information coming from any big food company: your wellness is not in their best interest.

Beauty is an absolute lie in this day and age. All that beauty has come to represent is an image that will make every consumer purchase more items to help them more closely resemble that facade. People who are happy, feel good, and are comfortable in their own skin are completely worthless for the consumption for all of these products, and so their advertising is on a mission to make every person feel as though they are in need of constant improvement. From make up and jewelry and expensive designer clothes, to laparoscopic surgery, breast augmentation, and gym memberships, and everything in between: absolutely none of it contributes to our wellness, and the majority of it contributes to making us less well. We need to embrace loving how we feel rather than how we look to be well. People may not wear the ideal size, or turn heads when they walk down the street, but this has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with our wellness. Oftentimes people who most closely resemble the body images that we have all been manipulated to aspire to, are the unhealthiest of all. If you get some reasonable exercise, you eat a great diet including lots of fresh vegetables and very low in sugars, and you can climb a flight of stairs comfortably, then you are probably just fine. There is no need for you to buy all of their crap, or to hurt yourself in an attempt to project a popular body image. Do not trust those horrible images, those body types are un-attainable: your wellness is not in their best interest.

We cannot keep raising our children this way. They deserve far better than we are living in the midst of right now. People are taking steps to make it happen too, so all is truly not lost. We can make all of the changes that need to be made to protect our own wellness and the wellness of our families. Entire cities are becoming more conscious about true wellness, not only in respect to our individual bodies, but out of concern for our entire planet as well. We simply need to transfer our misplaced trust in these horribly corrupted industries to trust in each other and in our own communities to achieve true wellness. Our wellness is not in their interest, and it is vital that we recognize this fact, if we want to fight for our health.   


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