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Welcome To Oz

I watched the documentary Fed Up with my kids last night. I spent the whole ninety minutes crying my eyes out, but then, it is a story that I can relate to pretty damn closely. I was amazed and proud to observe that all three of my children were glued to the entire film. There were a few things about the information and the way that it was presented that I did not agree with, but for the most part the documentary was incredibly accurate, and in its accuracy; intensely maddening. My family and I stopped eating refined sugar over six months ago, now. The choice was not made because any of us have any obesity issues, but because of the state of my and my youngest daughter’s teeth. and because of the research that I have done on modern dentistry. Needless to say, I cannot imagine how I would feel watching this film eight months ago.

My grandfather died as a result of complications from type two diabetes. I currently have another family member who is near to losing his eyesight from the same disease. I myself spent seven years of my life struggling with anorexia in an attempt to gain control over my own infuriating ability to gain weight. I was overweight as a teen and young adult. I could not control my constant urge to consume food, and I did not understand why. My parents tried desperately to help me by encouraging me to exercise and eat healthier foods. I even remember my mother installing a lock on the deep freezer where we kept desserts when I was a kid. I internally struggled so severely with my weight issues as a child, that at one point I was considering getting out so seriously I had actually buried a suicide note in my backyard. Reality is hard. The reality that I lived a somewhat tortured childhood in large part due to corporate greed and a disregard for public health breaks my heart almost as much as looking into the eyes of the greater numbers young children who are suffering the same fate today. The knowledge that the same greed and corruption contributed to the early death of my grandfather leaves me absolutely speechless.

The bottom line is that sugar is killing the citizens of our country, and it is happening because it makes people a lot of money. It makes money for the food companies. It makes money for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, because an overwhelming percentage of all of the health problems that we are suffering from are a direct result of our sugar consumption. It makes money for health clubs, and gyms, for diet systems and for the athletic shoe industry. Every person who regularly consumes refined sugar is an addict whose appetite is being manipulated by a mind-altering substance. Sugar keeps your dentist’s office full, as well as his bank account. Sugar is destroying the self-esteem of the youth of our country, and forcing a large percentage of them into drug use to regulate their hyper-activity. Refined sugar is in over eighty percent of the items that can be found in your local grocery store, and almost one hundred percent of those that can be found in your local convenience store.

There have been multiple attempts by public health agencies through governmental legislation to stop all of this, but they have been shut down time and time again by the food industry that controls us all like puppets on a string. Sugar is being put into almost every processed food that we eat, and even people who appear to be healthy will eventually suffer the effects of the sugar that they are consuming. When you see an obese person out in public, is important to understand that they are not some unfortunate sloth who is devoid will power; they are a casualty of the war that corporations are waging on the citizens of this country, and they deserve your compassion, and they are in need of your help. 

I was twenty-one years old the year that the movie The Matrix was released, and although I found the premise eerily intriguing, I believed it to be very much make-believe. It is not. It just doesn’t look exactly the way that Hollywood chose to portray it, but that doesn’t make it any less real. You can stand there and say that you aren’t addicted to sugar, but is that really true? You can say that any health problems you have had in the past few years are in no way related to an over-consumption of sugar, but are you right? I strongly encourage everyone to watch the film Fed Up.  Agree or disagree with its message; it still gives out an amazing amount of information and is no waste of time. I encourage you to show it to your children as well, and see what they have to say on the matter. The truth is never easy, but then nothing worth working to change is ever easy either.   


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