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The Reason You Don’t Want To Know

Some friends of mine had responded to an article recently that talked about all of the positives to not finding out the sex of a baby before it is born. It was a cute article, meant to be funny, and a little snotty considering that it mentioned the glee to be found in irritating people. I was blown away however, that there was not a single mention, on the entire fucking list of I believe twelve items, that ultrasounds are not good for a fetus. The article didn’t even say: “possibly unsafe when used in excess,” or “ultrasound waves can boil liquid so it is highly logical to consider the possibility that they could effect amniotic fluid quantities.” Nope, nothing about health or safety considerations, nada.

There are so many situations in life where those of us who are intelligent, informed, and like to think for ourselves know that it is best to just sit down and shut up if we want to preserve our relationships with other people. I have been doing it for the past twelve years, and when it comes to childbirth and my conscious is beginning to catch up with me on this matter. The fact that the United States has such high rates of infant and maternal mortality as compared to other nations is truly and alarmingly pathetic. I do not understand why so many mothers completely disregard this fact when they start into a pregnancy. We are so gullibly willing to believe that all of the practices that are commonly accepted, in the hospital, at the obstetrician, and in the damn mall for fuck’s sake, are completely safe for an unborn baby.

In the animal community, it is commonplace to use x-ray to take a look at an unborn litter of puppies. Some breeders will have it done a few times to figure out how many puppies they are expecting, almost any vet across the country will get you in for the procedure right away. It is commonplace even though pet owners know that it is dangerous. No one ever questions it. You would never even think of using an x-ray to get a look at a fetus, right? We all know that exposing a fetus to all that radiation is unsafe right? They don’t use ultrasound on expecting canine mothers; it is too damn expensive, and not enough people would pay for it to make it lucrative for veterinarians.  Insurance companies, however, are perfectly willing to pay for five, six, or, seven ultrasounds for a human mother, even when there is no medical reason for one. I am not going to stand here and say that an ultrasound is a highly dangerous procedure to put a fetus through, unless it is done by an eighteen year old at the mall for a 3-D snapshot, then you might as well just be firing a phaser from Star Trek at your unborn baby; that is how safe those are. I will say however, that ultrasound should never be used unless there is a medical concern about a pregnancy to warrant one. I know from personal experience additionally, that they can be highly inaccurate; as in they miscalculated the weight of my twins from their ultrasound by two pounds, two pounds!

I think that doctors and practices that encourage the repeated use of ultrasound to determine the sex of a baby are endangering mothers and their unborn children alike. I had friends at one point who had been in seven times for ultrasounds in an attempt to determine the sex of their baby and were disappointed every single time with no knowledge that they could actually be putting their child in danger because their doctor did not tell them. Every single time I wanted to warn them to please not do it again, but people do not like to be told what to do in regards to their pregnancy, even when the advice is incredibly valuable. It could have ended our friendship had I spoken up, so I didn’t. The fact that putting on one of those stupid white coats instantly transforms you into a person who can never make a mistake, and is incapable of being wrong, absolutely boggles my mind; and only slightly less than the fact that teenagers are legally allowed to shoot your unborn baby with ultrasound waves at the mall. Please read the article below if you are interested in further information. Be well, everyone.


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