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Stupid Is A Decision (Adult Language)

This came up when I was talking to my daughters the other day, and it surprised me to realize how deeply I actually believe it. I truly and honestly believe, that for the majority of the population, those individuals who most often say and do stupid things, do so by choice. I am in no way attempting to belittle people who got the short end of the stick in the intelligence department. Yes, I realize that there are people who struggle to function normally in society because their intellect is so limited, but that is not who we are talking about when we mention stupid people. Generally, when we are talking about stupid people, we are speaking of individuals who have chosen to abandon, or snub, the quest for lifelong learning. Sarah Palin, for instance, embraces a level of stupidity that she wields rather brilliantly to appeal to a particular portion of the population.

When discussing the subject with my daughters, we were speaking specifically of those traitorous females who have embraced stupidity for the purpose of gaining male attention. This is the reason why I would never allow my daughters to watch the Disney shows with the pre-teen blondes running around bumping into walls as a result of their momentous stupidity. We train females at a very young age to understand that boys will like them much better if they act like idiots, because it makes those boys feel all big, and smart, and important. Of course, there is no more crucial purpose that a woman can serve in life than to make men puff up their chests and feel comfortable scratching their balls in her presence because she is too damn dense to notice, is there? The problem with this is that when a female embraces this behavior it becomes a very hard habit to break, and even if she has a beautiful brain in there hiding beneath all of that hairspray, she is unwilling to let it show, because she knows that she will lose a significant portion of the male attention that she normally attracts.

It isn’t only women who choose to join the dark side of doltish. Often men are bullied into it as boys by having abusive fathers say things to them like: “What makes you so fucking smart?” As young men they begin to associate the pursuit of learning with something that makes them a target for bullies at school, or even the ultimate bully in their home life. At some point in our culture we chose to elevate stupidity in levels of social popularity. If I knew a great deal more about sociology I might understand why. When I lived in Europe in high school, I was shocked to discover that it is a uniquely American trend, and yes, most of the rest of the world does mock us for it. They have every right to do so, because it is fucking pathetic. From my viewpoint, I think that it all comes back to laziness. In most social situations in our society people just want to have stupid, lazy, fun. I have often been the person in the crowd who receives dirty looks, or gets laughed out of a conversation, because I choose to bring up a relevant topic of conversation, instead of playing the dumb blond role that my physical appearance perpetually suggests.

It is vital that this trend stops with our children. I think that young people are already taking a good stab at the vapid epidemic, and it is more evident in certain parts of the country than it is in others. I urge every parent to address compliant stupidity when you see it happening in front of your children, because in our generation it is still quite prevalent. I am not saying that you need to accuse anyone of acting like a moron on purpose, or that they should be pointed out in public, but when you have a private moment with your children; please address it. Ask them questions. Ask them whether they think that the woman you met at the birthday party the other day was actually intellectually challenged, or if she may have been pretending to be. Ask them if they think that the football player that they saw interviewed the other day really feels that way, or if he was saying what he thought he should to please his fans. We need to remind children that popularity offers almost zero possibilities in life when compared to intelligence. There is a whole lot of fucked-up going on in the world that our children are soon going to inherit the responsibility of sorting out. If we leave them with nothing in the way of skills besides pulling of a killer pair of high heels or playing an epic game of corn hole, we are all, most certainly, doomed.


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