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Ten Things To Start Giving A Crap About (Adult Language)

Seriously, it is worth the time and worth the effort.

1.     Cooking. I had to separate this one from food because there are two different issues going on. If you don’t know how to cook, and aren’t living with someone who does; it is time to learn right now! The more people a restaurant serves, and the more highly mass-produced that food is, the more dangerous it is to put into your body. So, McDonalds is far more dangerous than, The Olive Garden, is far more dangerous than a local independently owned restaurant or food truck. The same goes for any food that is pre-processed and is available to heat and eat in grocery stores. For your health and the health of your family, you absolutely need to be preparing food from scratch in your home.
2.     Food. Every person who wants to protect their health needs to start paying attention to exactly what they are eating and exactly where it comes from. I know that this involves a ton of work and a ton of expense on top of that, but it is vitally important. Ideally, none of us should be eating anything that is not Organic, Grass-Fed, Cruelty Free, and GMO-Free. I am aware that this is an extremely hard diet to achieve, but if we keep taking baby steps toward that goal, like my family is doing each and every day, we will put an end to the slow murder that the food industry is committing. They are literally killing us, and it is time to start paying attention and to stand up to them.
3.     Inequality. I still have trouble believing the reality of our situation, which is that our method of dealing with inequality in our country is by looking the other way and pretending that it does not exist. It is not okay that I automatically have a better chance of getting a job because of the color of my skin. It is not okay that every single time I take my car into a shop and tell the mechanics what I think is wrong with it, that they laugh behind my back. It is absolutely not okay that a school system can expel a little girl for acting too masculine or tell a little boy that if he doesn’t want to be bullied he shouldn’t bring a little pony lunchbox to school. It is not okay, and we should be ashamed of ourselves.
4.     Little environment. Our homes are becoming toxic hotbeds. Everything that we use, everything that we bring inside has an impact on the air that we breathe the entire time that we are inside of our homes and the entire time that we are sleeping. We all need to start paying attention to the toxic chemicals that we are using to clean with, the flame retardant chemicals that we sleep with every night, and the carpeting that we are all allowing to absorb these things and trap them in our airspace. When was the last time that you opened the windows and doors and aired out your house? How many of your floors are covered in carpeting? Do you still allow people to wear their filthy street shoes inside of your home?
5.     Big Environment. Climate chaos is real and it is happening rapidly. Unless we take the collective steps needed to change the current situation, my entire city may soon be under water. I beg you to start becoming eco-conscious. Think about what you use and what you waste. If you don’t recycle, you are causing a problem. We all need to concentrate on consuming less, reusing more, and recycling what we can. Stop watering the stupid lawn, and plant something that consumes less water while preventing erosion. Get solar panels installed. Pop up the AC a few degrees. Learn more about conservation, and do whatever you can as quickly as possible before we all drown.
6.     Violence. Maybe it is because we are living in a country where the majority of the violence that we consume is imaginary.  Maybe it is because in so many of the countries where violence is horribly real, it is actually respected for the gruesome sickness that it is. Whatever the cause, we must put a collective foot down and let the media sources know that we will no longer look the other way while our innocent children blindly gobble it up at the cost of their own desensitization to horrible crimes against human life. Teaching children to swallow violence down greedily, virtual or not, is one of the biggest mistakes that we have ever made, and it will destroy our society if we do not put a stop to it.
7.     How we are using our dollars. We need to be aware of where the money we spend is going. Was that dress that I just bought manufactured in a sweatshop where the workers are suffering and risking their lives for pennies a day? Is the woman who just sold me my groceries earning such a low wage from the store where I shop that she is subsidizing her income with the tax dollars that I pay to survive? Will a penny of this money that I am spending go on to support my local community? These are difficult questions that we all need to be asking every single day.
8.     Where our information is coming from. Unfortunately, we have let our society get to a point where there are a handful of corporations in charge of the majority of our media. Always question the ultimate source. I read an article belittling the condition of gluten intolerance the other day and the first thing that I looked at was who it was sponsored by. That story, for instance, was sponsored by Web MD, which is owned by big pharm, and has a huge interest in keeping people dependent on stomach soothing medications, rather than keeping themselves healthy by eating a diet that is right for them. Always seek out the source and the source’s vested interest, which is money and mass control 99.99999% of the time.
9.     Community. There are a lot of bad things happening right here in our own country today, and many of them are happening right under our noses because we are not involved in our communities, and we are not putting in the work to get to know the people who live around us. Not only can the members of our own communities be a huge resource for friendship and support, it is also each individual’s responsibility to have some knowledge about the people who are living right down the street from us. I know that it is not always easy, but it is an important exercise in human cooperation that can help us greatly in keeping our communities safe and healthy.
10. Your government. It is broken and bleeding, and basically a screwed up mess. We do not have contentious leaders in positions of power who are serving for the greater good of the public. The politicians currently in office are, for the most part, greedy, and deceptive, and they are working directly for the interests of the corporations that more or less own their very careers. We need to kick each and every one of these spoiled losers out of office and get some people into power who refuse to accept corporate pay offs, and who actually have the interest of the people in mind. If you are a particularly brave individual who cares about your fellow man, I strongly urge you to run for an office as soon as possible. We all have a responsibility to support our government, we have all been lazily allowing it to run itself for decades, and not surprisingly, this is what we get. It is time to take it back.


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