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Spirits Getting Lost

One of the biggest facets of common spiritual study that unsettles me is the deeply rooted irresponsibility that I see in its practice. Of course, those who believe strongly in the practice of spiritual study would probably tell me that because I see it this way, I do not understand it. I disagree. When individuals are constantly working toward the goal of letting things go, not letting anything bother them, and rising above their emotions, it only stands to reason, in my opinion, that they aren’t going to feel that their obligation to take out the trash or do the dishes is very goddamn important. Conversely, I can see these individuals putting a lot more effort into letting go of their emotions of shame and regret after causing harm than avoiding doing harm in the first place…again this is an opinion.

Here is a larger consequence that I can see coming out of the spiritual movement; there are a lot of people putting a lot of effort into focusing on themselves, when there are a hell of a lot of really important things that we need to be focusing on collectively. I don’t really see any merit in being able to ignore all of the things that are going on all around us. For some reason I picture a person meditating in lotus position in the middle of an ocean surface that is covered in plastic garbage. Typically, the people who delve into studying spirituality are strong, creative, and very able human beings, so it hurts my heart when I seen them drawn toward the ideal of an existence where they can pull inward and ignore everything all around them, especially when our cities are in a strong danger of being underwater soon, and our government is corrupt beyond function.

Responsibility is important to me. I have always had a lot of respect for individuals who choose to be prepared and to give a damn, because we are the ones who come through in life for people who approach living by just floating along and expecting the universe to take care of them. I do believe that the universe is ultimately taking care of me, but that doesn’t mean that I am not putting in a hell of an effort to take care of myself at the same time, as well as others. There always needs to be balance, and I may have discovered still another reason for my dislike of the movie Frozen, because letting everything go and expecting it all to work out happy-happily ever after is a fucking fools game. I fear somewhere inside, that all of the people who once gave a crap and were truly able to incite progressive change are hiking around somewhere searching for themselves. Nothing is one sided, inaction can never be relevant or powerful without equal and opposite action.

I simply call to people to take a look around and actually see what is in front of them. Maybe, just maybe, what they will see is painful for a reason, and maybe that pain should be held onto instead of let go, because it can serve a purpose. Again, balance is key, but picturing my home underwater is a pretty positive motivation for me to speak out about climate chaos, and frankly anyone who would say I should let it go and that everything is going to be fine no matter what I do, that I shouldn’t let myself be attached, can go play in traffic. Don’t talk to me about other dimensions because I actually give a fuck about the one that I have been blessed with the responsibility of taking care of. Using spiritual detachment as an excuse for peacefully decimating planets and throwing them away like Chinese take out containers is a damn despicable practice. Everything is not, I repeat not all okay. It can be; it will be if we choose to give a fuck about it and get off of our asses, but it is certainly not going to be okay if we sit around trying to let go of our feelings about it. Yes, absolutely anything is possible, and this could all be a dream, but on the very slight chance that it is not, shouldn’t we be taking care of shit here, just on the very off chance that this is all we get?


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