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Twenty Things A Woman Like Me Finds Very Sexy About A Man (Adult Content)


1.     Hands. Oh my God, hands. I seriously believe that they are the sexiest part of a man’s body. Therefore, when men do things with their hands; work with them, talk with them, do things with them that they might prefer using their penis for…we like it a lot.
2.     Honesty. This cannot be revisited enough. The number one ingredient in good sex is trust. We trust people who we know are always honest, thus honesty is sexy.
3.     Man smell. Seriously, hygiene is very important, but I have discovered over the years that I have a really strong distaste for cologne. A man’s natural scent mixed with a little good clean soap smells far, far, sexier.
4.     A thirst for knowledge. A man who is seeking to learn and understand new things all of the time exudes far more sex appeal than one who believes that he already knows everything.
5.     Musicality. Stereotypical, but true. There is an extra sexy quality to a man who can master an instrument. This is totally not limited to vocalists and guitarists; I know sexy drummers and bass players too.
6.      Courtesy. This is an old fashioned one but I am totally turned on by men when I see them actively concerning themselves with the comfort of others. Pulling out chairs, opening doors, and offering drinks are all activities that make a man look really good.
7.     Charity. Yes, giving a guy on the street a dollar makes a man look very sexy, volunteering even more so.
8.     Healthy eating. Sorry guys, but watching you shove Taco Bell into your face is not a good look. I am always very impressed when I see men who choose to be conscious about what they are putting into their bodies.
9.     Loyalty. It is a big turn on when a guy has a lot of good life long friends that he hangs out with, or when he is close to his family.
10. Conversation. I find it sexy when a man can carry on a civilized discussion without it getting heated, tell a great story, or capture the attention of a group with his sense of humor.
11. Touching. I love guys who seem to be unable to keep their hands off of a woman, but in a tasteful way. When a man is constantly rubbing our back, or touching our face, or holding our hand, it makes women feel cherished and appreciated.
12. Smoking. Yes, yes, this greatly contradicts the healthy eating bit, but it is just how I am. I absolutely love the way that a man holds and smokes a cigarette. I find it beautiful and artistic and very sexy. The smell of pipe tobacco literally makes me weak at the knees. Yes, I do believe that it is something that can be done moderately and responsibly, and that is even sexier.
13. Caring about things that are important. Yes, having a well thought out opinion on the environment, or sex trafficking, or social violence…issues which many men choose to avoid…I find it super sexy.
14. Protectiveness, not overprotectiveness, they are very different things. When a man insists on lifting something for me because he knows that it is likely too heavy, or makes sure that I get home safely merely because he is concerned about my well being, it is a serious turn on.
15. Creativity. It is a seriously sexy quality in any individual. By my way of thinking it is even sexier in men because they often face judgment for expressing themselves creatively.
16. Multilingualism. I know, this one requires a good bit of effort, but seriously, men who speak foreign languages are sexy as hell. I go with Italian, Russian, and French as my top three picks.
17. Focus. I find it extremely sexy when a man can focus on me even though the waitress at our table is rubbing her boobs in his face.
18. Being sexually knowledgeable. Honestly, after age twenty-two or so, amateur hour is over. Seventy percent of us females cannot achieve climax through intercourse alone, so a guy really needs to know what he is doing. There are books, lots, and lots, and lots, of books.
19. Confidence. I used to find men who dressed well incredibly sexy, but as I have gotten older I have come to understand that very often, that can simply be a sign of vanity. When a man can carry himself well and look good in anything from jeans to a three-piece suit, his confidence is obvious.
20. Bravery. There is nothing sexier in any man or women. The bravery to tell the truth, speak his mind, and let a woman be herself is one of the sexiest things that I notice in any man.


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