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The Power Of Willful Ignorance

I watched a woman say these words in a speech a few moments ago and nothing could be more true...willful ignorance is insanely powerful. Willful ignorance is the reason that good German people allowed their neighbors to be dragged off by the Nazis in the middle of the night. It is the reason that American people choose to believe our homeless are lazy and irresponsible instead of facing the reality that their situations have arisen because of widespread mental illness and cooperate greed. It is the reason that you will pick up a steak on your way home from work tonight, not bothering to find out where it came from, because you just don’t want to know. The truth is too disgusting.

I have gone on about the meat industry quite a bit and my goal here is not to do that. I love to eat meat, I will state that again, but the example that comes from our consumption of factory meat is so powerful when it comes to explaining willful ignorance that I want to use it. Out of ALL of the many, many, people I know there might actually be fewer than I can count on my fingers who would be okay with promoting the factory meat industry, if they were actually willing to recognize the reality of it. That handful would probably be made up of men, and their acceptance of it would probably be due to stubbornness and male bravado. I can’t really believe that anyone wants to eat meat that comes from an animal that lived for two years in a stockade, in pain, on concrete floors, barely moving around, being fed overdoses of antibiotics and grain. The reality is that the majority of our meat comes from exactly that place. Unless we are actively seeking out alternatives to factory meat, most of which are very expensive by the way, that is what we are contributing to when we eat meat. That fact makes us cruel and horrible people, but when we make the choice to be ignorant of the reality, we aren’t really responsible for our actions, are we?

Of-fucking-course we are! This is the majority of the people that I love and the people who I care about, and myself, because I ate two beef hot dogs at our community pool party yesterday. We are all really horrible, terrible, people; even more so when we choose not to know what we are doing. It is happening everywhere in our country, and this is not just about meat. It is the reason that I write these blogs and do this podcast, because I want to get people thinking. We can absolutely fix this whole country. We can clean up the deliciously epic mess that we have made, but we need to get on it, and we need to do it really damn fast! I am not asking for you to agree with me, in fact I prefer that you have your own opinions and that you share them in a respectful and rational manner, I.E: not acting like the idiots on the television news, but working together to come to common understandings about the truth of things, instead of the made up bullshit that the television journalists use as a tool to distract us from our reality by entertaining us.

A young friend of my family is currently perusing her career as a thespian and I am over-the-moon proud of her. Stage acting is one of the most beautiful and historical art forms that we have to embrace as a culture. At a time in history when people didn’t know if they were going to survive from one day to the next stage performance brought a bright spot into their dismal lives. It was done through creativity, comedy, and practiced crafting of the spoken word. Plays and musicals involve dance, and talent, and beauty. Today, alternatively, our most highly consumed forms of entertainment range from adult children squabbling on television over irrelevant current events, to the supposed actual recordings of the lives of people living in situations so sick that they make their audience feel better about their own lives by observing these unfortunate individuals, to films so filled with explosions and violence and torture that I cannot even bear to watch them.

We are allowing entertainment to distract us from what is going on in the world… and it is so horrifically un-entertaining. It is sub-par, negative-zero quality when compared to the value and inspiration there is to be found in observing a live stage performance. We are living in the matrix if you really step back and take the time to think about it. The question is: are you going to continue along participating in your own cooperate enslavement, or are you going to stand up and start paying attention? I am not even asking anyone to do anything right now, besides recognize the realty of our situation. You do have to look for it. Unfortunately, I can link you to all of the articles and speeches, and video-blogs that I screen each and every day, but you are still going to have to decide which issues are the most important to you and pursue seeking out real information on those topics because there is just too much information out there for all of us to take it all in. I take in a sizeable amount of cultural information every day, and it is not even the tip of the iceberg…and that is a really wonderful thing. The information is at our fingertips, and it cannot be found on your television!!! The television is for entertainment only at this point, and incredibly poor entertainment in my opinion.

Why is it important to end our willful ignorance? Do you know that your cooperate-controlled government considers you no more important than the factory farmers consider their livestock? Do you realize how close we are coming to rendering our environment a toxic wasteland? Do you want your children’s children to live their lives never playing outside because it is too dangerous out there? Some people might be just fine with giving up their own power, and happy to let the institutions that dictate our future today continue to do so, but I am not. I beg you to take a look at what you are doing with your time on a day-to-day basis, where your information is coming from, and what motivates the messenger who is delivering that information to you. Thinking critically will make you smarter, and who doesn’t want to be smarter? Well…I am just not sure, but there are seemingly a lot of people out there who do not.


  1. I strongly agreed with you. I don't own a TV and have not for 7 years. I spend my time reading and crocheting and sewing. I don't eat meat. I am a vegetarian. I don't eat processed foods. I make my own seasonings and baked goods.


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