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Twenty Healthy Daily Questions

1.     Have I let the people that I love know how much I love them? Never pass up an opportunity to tell your loved ones how you feel about them. Make it a daily ritual. I tell my kids I love them dozens of times every single day.
2.     Am I proud of what I have put into my body? I derive an exceptional amount of joy from feeling good about what I am feeding my family and myself. In turn, when I eat well, I fell good, and on and on.
3.     Have I taken time to think? My husband calls this meditation, and it is vitally important. We all need to give ourselves time to allow our minds to wander. I like to multitask, and I use the time that I am exercising, or driving to let my thoughts run free.
4.     Am I being kind to everyone that I encounter? It is immensely important that we are kind to people throughout each day. Even conflicting interactions can be approached with kindness. When we are good to people they become inspired to be good to others in return.
5.     Have I taken advantage of my freedom today? It is something that is being fought for still, every minute of every day. Honor the people who fight for your freedom by using it gratefully. Speak your mind, research to enrich your own opinions and share your knowledge.
6.     Have I exercised my brain today? Like any muscle, the brain needs exercise. Of course, studies show that by using our brains every day, we strengthen our intellect. My favorite brain workout is a good book. Puzzles and crosswords also make for great mind exercises.
7.     Who have I supported financially today? Did I buy something from the shop on the corner and look into the eyes of the owner who will benefit from the sale, or did I purchase my groceries from a large conglomerate that underpays their employees so that it can hoard wealth?
8.     Have I been drinking water? I make it my goal to drink no less than a gallon a day. Water is the most inexpensive, most powerful tool we have to cleanse our bodies…and the one that many people ignore.
9.     Who have I helped today? It is easier to help people in small ways than you might think. In public we can hold open doors and halt elevators. At home we can bring someone a cup of coffee. We can even pop on the internet and leave a product review to help out another consumer. It is that easy.
10. Have I laughed today? Laughter is so good for the soul. It relieves stress. It is abundantly available, and easily shared.
11. How have I detoxed today? There are great foods for detox and there are wonderful supplemental systems out there as well. I use Isagenix detox program daily. My favorite form of detox however, is sweat. Working up a good sweat removes gobs of toxins from our bodies. Even if we eat an exemplary diet, we still absorb toxins through the environment that we live in and the air that we breathe. Detox is important.
12. Have I used your body well today? I like to keep my body moving. I even stand when I work at my desk; it is a high top with no chair. For people who aren’t fond of exercise or are just getting started; walking is a simple fantastic activity that gets the body moving. It is important that we move, humans are not made for sitting still.
13. Am I grateful today? All that I have to do is to take a look around me and I am enwrapped in gratitude. Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I give thanks for my soft pillows and sheets and the fact that I have a safe place to rest. We become much happier and more fulfilled individuals when we remember to give thanks for all that we have.
14. Did I poop today? Sorry, but it is very important. If you didn’t then you need more fiber. Go eat some broccoli, or nuts, or cabbage.
15. Have I challenged myself today? All that I have to do is go out for a run to give myself a challenge. Challenging ourselves keeps us strong, and alert, and young.
16. What did I create today? Being creative is good brain exercise as well. Creativity can involve anything from putting together an outfit to making a really lovely sandwich.
17.  Did I get enough sleep last night? Sleep is vitally important. We all need a good nights sleep so that we can function well during the day.
18. What have I learned today? If we aren’t learning each and every day, then we aren’t making good use of our time. Learning new things enriches our lives and makes us more valuable members of our own communities.
19. Am I actively living up to my beliefs? It is an important question to pose to ourselves daily, and it is not a failure if the answer is no. We simply need to remember to ask ourselves whether or not we are living up to the morals that we believe in, and if not, to pledge to do better tomorrow.
20. How can I make tomorrow even better? Thinking forward gives us a sense of empowerment and optimism. When we focus on the steps that we can take to make tomorrow an even better day, we make the world a better place.


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