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Ten Reasons To Bring It Home

I have a friend who was recently able to leave her job so that she could stay at home full time, and I could not be more happy for her and her family. I know that for most families the idea of taking such a step is really difficult to imagine. Unfortunately, I believe that our society is suffering today for lack of domestic engineers. We are we are of immense value, because running a home is the most important job that a person can do. Stay at home parents build healthy families. It isn’t impossible to raise a healthy family with two working parents, but these are a few of the reasons why having a parent at home can benefit the family as a whole.

1.     Eating at home. People do not like spending an hour preparing a meal after they get home from work, and the majority of them just don’t do it. Eating out often is not good for a family’s health and it is not good for a family’s budget. Sit down and look at the numbers. Do you have any idea how much money your family could save if you ate all of your meals at home? They could even bee organic and GMO free, and you would still be saving money.
2.     Driving less. By eliminating a commute from your family’s daily routine, you are saving money, time, and you are doing a good thing for the environment. Many people spend over an hour a day traveling to and from their workplace, that time could be much better spent investing in the home and in the family.
3.     Nurturing relationships with family and friends. When one partner works in the home they have more opportunity to connect with family and friends, set up reunions, and plan visits. If I were not at home I don’t know how I would keep up with remembering all of the birthdays, or sending all of the thank-yous and planning the events for our family.
4.     Providing consistency for children. One of the major things that I think children miss out on when both parents work is consistency and follow through. When a child goes from school to daycare to the babysitter or a relative before ever seeing mom or dad, they aren’t held responsible for their behaviors throughout the day, and discipline becomes very difficult to properly provide. Consistency makes children comfortable and confident so that they can excel.
5.     Shopping consciously. If I were not at home, I do not know when I would find the time to do the research that helps me to make healthy decisions about where to shop, and what products my family should consume. The way that each family spends their hard earned money has a huge impact on our country and our world, and I would love to see more families feeling good about the purchases that they choose to make.
6.     Saving money. We save a great deal of money because I do the things myself that many busy families are forced to pay others to do. I take care of our pool myself, I do all of the laundry so that we never send things to the dry cleaners, and we don’t hire housekeepers, or a lawn service.
7.     Contributing to the community. Because I have our home front taken care of, it frees up more time for both my husband and myself to volunteer in and around our community. We know are neighbors, which helps to make our neighborhood a safer and more secure place.
8.     The option to homeschool. Home schooling is not for everyone, but it is almost impossible to pull off when both parents work outside of the home. I am thrilled that our children get to have a homeschool education, and I believe that they are afforded more space to learn in a way that is better adaptable to their individual personalities. They love that they don’t have a dress code and that they can dye their hair green if they choose.
9.     Time together. When a family does not have to juggle two work schedules, it frees up more time to be together. At our home, we are even able to fit in productive family meetings once a week.
10. Working from home is lucrative. Today, more than ever before, there are more opportunities to work out of the home than many people realize. Even network marketing is now being supported by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world. The argument that an individual robs themselves of identity and a feeling of personal accomplishment by staying at home is no longer valid. Any family can get one parent home if they really put their minds to it. It simply takes a little dedication and creativity, and I believe that families stand to benefit from taking the step.


  1. I'm excited for time ahead with my family! I truly believe that our relationship as a family will only be stronger! It's a leap of not only faith...but love as well!


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