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Rethink Cancer

Yesterday I was writing about cigarettes and doing some research looking into the statistics of lung cancer and heart disease in our country compared to other countries. The data that I found, not only supported what I was trying to express, but was completely staggering in my opinion. The most shocking statistic that stood out to me was the ranking of the United States in deaths due to lung cancer compared to that of the country of Greece. In my research the country of Greece ranks third globally for cigarette consumption averaging 2,795 cigarettes smoked per adult per year, whereas the US ranks fifty-first, consuming 1,028. Then I read this statistic: The United States ranks ninth in the world for deaths due to lung cancer and the country of Greece ranks sixteenth. The country of China ranks twelfth and it has an atrocious air pollution problem. Cigarettes, though yes, yes, there are lost and lots of terrible things about them…are not causing the lung cancer problem in our country.

This sort of information makes me gulp in confused fear. I have been learning a lot of new information and when I put it all together it paints a pretty frightening picture. I hate to go all conspiracy theory here, but pretty basically, we are on our own as American citizens. We have no agencies or laws in place to protect our health. The ones that exist are in place to distract us so we won’t speak up about the things that are really poisoning us. Point blank: Americans should be far healthier than we are. With our access to medical care, sanitation, and food, we should be the healthiest nation in the world. We are not, and I don’t understand why more people are not questioning the reasons for that. Who pays for anti-smoking propaganda: the companies that want you to think cigarettes cause cancer so that you will keep eating the poison they are selling you, and so that they can keep getting richer. We are all pawns in the corporate game. Corporations control our government and it doesn’t give a crap about us except for our ability to consume the products that it sells.

The majority of the foods that we now consume in our country are grown from genetically modified seeds. These seeds have been proven over and over again to be horrible for human health as well as the eco-system in general. Many countries have gone as far as to ban the company that invents them entirely. The name of that company is Monsanto and it is the poster child for the evil empire. Do we kick them out of the US? Hell no, they have far too much corporate power. I have posted links here to numerous sites that will explain how there are scads of chemicals and food additives that have been banned in other countries but not here. Our EPA is one of the biggest jokes in history. It is likely the most corrupt agency on the planet, and we pay its employees a lot of money to do absolutely nothing. I believe that it is time for us to get really angry, but not useless angry, inspired angry. I beg you to get mad enough to go out and do the research. Make the changes to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. I beg you to become inspired by the energy that you discover as a result of your change in dietary and lifestyle practices, to go out and attack these corporations that have stolen our America and are killing our citizens. I simply and boldly beg you to open your eyes and to care, if not for yourself, do it for your children, please…

Countries that have banned Monsanto:

Cigarette smokers per capita:

 Lung cancer deaths per capita:

Countries where asbestos is banned:

Shampoos that contain cocamide DEA:

Information about the battle to ban BPA in the US:

A list of foods banned in many countries, but not in the US:


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