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Is It Time To Set Our Breasts Free?

A friend of mine posted an article online today about the dangers of wearing a bra. It was really interesting, and scary. I wear a “C” cup and after having breastfed three kiddos, my boobs are definitely not what you would call perky, so I wear a bra almost all of the time. I wear a sports bra to bed at night. So the idea that binding my breasts up all of the time might increase my chances of developing breast cancer is horrifying. The science behind it is pretty compelling as is the sociological irony of the fact that we pretty much wear bras just because men decided that we are supposed to.

The really scary part is that in the article it cites the fact that the big breast cancer awareness organizations out there refuse to acknowledge this science, which has been around for quite sometime now. It really ticks me off that I have never heard about it before because I do follow health news pretty regularly. I have never been fond of the whole pink campaign. I think that the marathons and such are all good, but only because they give a sense of support and strength to the women who have fought breast cancer. I have never agreed with the focus of the fight because it has never really placed any stress on the prevention of breast cancer, only on research to find a way to fix the damage once it is done. They do not research the dangers of the levels of hormones in cow’s milk, or the over exposure to x-rays that women in our country endure, or the dangers of our birth control methods, nor do they put money into researching how we are being poisoned by our environment. It is pretty sad, actually. I have also heard that they have an army of mean lawyers willing to shark attack anyone who even uses a slogan slightly like theirs, which is pretty suspicious behavior considering that they are supposed to be a charity that is trying to help people. Why not welcome more help?

I am grateful that I don’t have any history of breast cancer in my family. On my husband’s side however, his paternal Aunt just recently battled with it. So I have to be very watchful over my daughters, and strangely enough, my oldest was just getting to the age where I was starting to tell her to wear a bra. Now I have decided not to, and I am certainly going to be wearing mine a lot less as well. After all, it is pretty stupid that a great majority of people in our country say that men and women are now equal, but I am afraid to go out in public without a bra on because I might offend someone. I understand the argument that our breasts can be distracting to men, but as women doesn’t that give us power? Let’s just distract the hell out of men and take over…I think that it may be time to set our breasts free. Anyone up for a bra-burning rally?

Here is the article that inspired this story:


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