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Getting Results

We have taken the plunge as a family and chosen to do a lot of pretty awesome things lately. I am having trouble coming up with words to define just how truly amazing it is to be here, witnessing the results of those decisions. Some of them were made six months ago, and the most recent decision, to go off of refined sugars, happened just about a month ago. I know how horrifically intimidating it is for the majority of people to take on some of the healthy challenges that we have committed to for our family. I want to encourage everyone with the knowledge of just how truly euphoric the realization that the sacrifices we have made are absolutely worth it has been. We have results, and I am on cloud nine anticipating what the results will be next month, and the month after that, and the month after that.

The refined sugar is gone as of a month now. We have also been having family meetings every week for the past month. The children now have the ability to earn an hour of television time and an hour of video game time each day by being kind to everyone, and by following through on their daily responsibilities. We are slowly replacing the majority of the foods in our home with organic and GMO free products. We have lessened our meat consumption by about two thirds. We are all using Isagenix nutritional products, (they are fantastically healthy, and I will put a link at the bottom of the page). We have all now been off of gluten for about six months as well. We have stopped shopping at large retail stores as much as we can, and we are regularly visiting our local Saturday market. We are also actively seeking small local businesses and restaurants to patronize, rather than large chains. The results of all of this are nothing less than awesome.

One little month…it really isn’t that long if you think about it. Committing to something for that period of time can absolutely change a life. I don’t know exactly what it is that makes people so afraid to try, to take that first step and to make the commitment. I was there, and I don’t know for certain what I was afraid of, but I sure was scared to death. Unfortunately, I think that my husband is right. It is most likely that we are all afraid, because we all unconsciously participate in pulling each other down. It is a heartbreaking reality. On the other hand, I can testify that once I gathered the courage to reach for a better way of living without a single care about what other people thought, all of this happened. Here are a few of the results that I can report…

All three of my children are dramatically calmer, specifically my son. They have always been really good kids to begin with, but I can honestly say that the edge of hyper-activity has diminished. We are communicating much better than we were a few months ago. My children are learning to express their feelings openly and without embarrassment. In the past few weeks my youngest daughter’s severe tooth sensitivity has diminished. Arguments between our kids have become less frequent and much shorter. My husband and I have both gained a great deal of muscle mass. I have lost considerable inches. My skin looks better than it has in years, my allergies have become less severe, and my hair loss has not only stopped, but my hair is getting thicker. My husband and I have both become intensely more productive and we have more energy. Most wonderfully, we are all really, really, happy.

Here’s the point; I think that anyone who chooses to commit to that one full month of healthy change will get results that will keep them committed to that change for good. Additionally, the results achieved will encourage the individual to take on even more healthy change. So many people don’t feel very good, and most of them would find that their pains were completely eased by healthy dietary change. If you don’t feel well, you could have a gluten intolerance, or you could have a dairy intolerance. Hyperactive kids can also see a huge change in eliminating either culprit from their diet. One month, one month, and people could stop hurting. One month of committing to an exercise routine, and people can see the results of their bodies becoming stronger and healthier. When our bodies become stronger and healthier our minds follow their lead. There is no reason not to make the choice to make the changes to create a better life. Anyone can make it happen. Maybe it is time to get started. 

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