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Twenty Fast Low-Carb Foods

Twenty Fast Low-Carb Foods

Carbohydrates and I usually just do not get along. Here is a list of how I manage that, and what my go-to low-carb foods are. Most of these are not meals, but rather snacks. I tend to graze throughout the day, rather than having any one big meal. It doesn’t work for everyone, but here are some of the foods that I eat.

1.     Cheese. Most cheeses have hardly any carbohydrates in them at all. They are easy access, have lots of calcium, and are delicious; just skip the crackers.
2.     Eggs. Eggs contain tons of protein, and I consider them a super-food. In my case, I can get full on one egg. I do scrambled eggs a lot with shaved parmesan cheese, the cheese melts and gives the eggs a really nice flavor.
3.     Broccoli. I always blanch my broccoli. Heat a pan of water to boiling remove it from the heat and stir the broccoli into it for one minute ONLY before draining it. I eat broccoli hot and cold. It is great with butter or browned butter, and I also enjoy it with red wine vinegar, olive oil, and parmesan cheese sometimes. I also make it into a cold salad with mayonnaise. I know that people have their opinions about mayo, (dear God NOT Miracle Whip), but mayonnaise is virtually carb free and a very versatile sauce.
4.     Boiled chicken or turkey breast. I eat it hot and cold. Sometimes in a salad with blue cheese dressing or mayo, I like a salad of boiled chicken breast and sliced raw celery with mayo and a little curry powder.
5.     Pickles. Pickled cucumbers (not sweet pickles, check your labels), as well as pickled banana peppers, and asparagus are all low in carbs, and delicious.
6.     Baked asparagus. I top asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake it in the over at three fifty, for eight minutes. My children usually devour it before I can get more than a few pieces claimed.
7.     Olives, most varieties of olives are low in carbs and high in good fats. Eat em’up!
8.     Salad. Lettuce salads with non-sugar dressings are great. Blue cheese dressing, ranch, and oil and vinegar are all usually low in carbohydrates. I also add meats and cheeses to my salads as well as cucumbers. Make sure to skip the tomatoes!
9.     The broken down burger. I will cook a hamburger patty and top it with lettuce, mustard and mayo, and a couple of pickles.
10. Sautéed spinach. Spinach is delicious sautéed in olive oil or butter and finished off with salt and lemon juice.
11. Tuna. Make sure to buy chunk light tuna in water because it is supposed to contain the lowest quantities of heavy metals. I make a low carb tuna salad with mayo, dill relish, salt and pepper, and lemon juice.
12. Deli meat. I often make deconstructed submarine sandwiches with deli meat, cheese, lettuce, mayo-mustard, green bell peppers, and pickle. Any mix of these works. Cream cheese is also good with turkey or ham, and a pickle. Avoid, sweet or honey ham varieties.
13.  Wings. I often treat myself to non-breaded, sauce free chicken wings. Plenty of fat to be found there, but no carbs.
14. Broccoli and beef stir-fry. I use olive and sesame oil and add minced garlic. It is fast to make and delicious.
15.  Sauerkraut and kielbasa. Check the labels, there are low and high carb varieties of both. I am not fond of the sweet sauerkraut varieties at all.
16. Avocado. Avocados are full of healthy fat. I like to eat them with mayo and some crumbled bacon on top.
17. Chicken broth soup. I will use broth, garlic, and saracha sauce and sometimes add some chopped cabbage or broccoli slaw for fiber.
18. Stuffed mushrooms. Mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese, parmesan, and minced garlic and baked for about twenty minutes, in a three hundred and fifty degree oven are delicious.
19. Boiled artichokes. They are low carb and delicious. We dip the leaves in melted butter or mayo.
20. Steak. I like steak hot or cold. It is great by itself, but butter-garlic sauce and horseradish sauce are also both low carb sauces that go great with steak.


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