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Look Into Their Eyes

Look Into Their Eyes

There are a lot of people in our country, some with very important, very influential jobs, who are hurting people. Most of them are intelligent enough to know exactly what they are doing, and I believe that only a handful of them are actually okay with the fact that they are taking advantage of other people for their own benefit. I think that the majority of them live with themselves and find a way to sleep at night by employing an amazing amount of disillusionment. Through hard work, these people find a way to convince themselves that it is okay to blame the poor and the disadvantaged for the problems of our country, that it is not wrong to help pass laws to exploit the health and well being of our citizens for profit, and that limiting the freedom of the American people is somehow a legitimate act. Greedy people have always existed in our country, but as good citizens, we have ignored their behavior year after year until, at this point, they have become such a large epidemic that at moments, I question whether or not they can be stopped.

All that it takes to see the greed or the disillusionment in one of these individuals is to really and truly look into their eyes. I don’t profess to have any type of psychic ability, but I can see it as plain as day. I don’t understand why we aren’t paying attention. When people are lying to me, even if they are lying to themselves at the same time, the nervousness about their lies is clear in the expression their face. It is the reason that I have been walking out of dentists’ offices recently, because I can see from the expression on their faces that they are lying to me about the treatment that they want my child to endure. The crazy part is the fear that I can clearly see in their eyes when they are afraid that I have figured out their scheme. They always have reasoning no matter what question I ask them, they always have written lines to explain why they want to exploit my children, but when I tell them plainly that I disagree with their assessment they are at a complete and total loss, because no one ever questions them. They are a completely un-policed institution. The same can be said for so many of our medical professionals, educators, and lawmakers. Unless they screw up really badly and get caught in the middle of some sort of scandal, they can do absolutely whatever they want, consequence free. This is the reason that they are so damn surprised when they actually get caught in the act.

In school we are taught not to question authority. That is how it has always been, and it desperately needs to change. I could not be happier if we raised an entire generation of questioners. I am not talking about teaching disrespect; I am talking about teaching children to engage in polite discussion, and not to accept protocol without questioning it. Plain and simple; the haves are exploiting the have nots in our country, and it is only those few of us who are left representing the middle class who recognize that we have the recourses and the knowledge to change things before they go too far. Anyone who knows anything about history knows what happens when the gap grows too wide, and in no way do I desire to see my beloved country go through that brutal revolution when the poor get angry enough to make it happen, like it has throughout history, time and time again.

Look into their eyes. You can see right through their delusions. Never accept the opinion of someone who is in a position to take advantage of you without gathering your own information. We can change all of the problems that we are facing in our country right now by getting brave, refusing to accept lies as truth, and sharing information freely with others. In the words of Peter Gabriel “We are coming down to the ground,” and I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things that we are going to accomplish along the way.


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