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Do Not Trust Your Dentist

 Do Not Trust Your Dentist

I had a really challenging day yesterday. After leaving the seventh dentist that we have ventured to go to for help since we moved back to Orlando two years ago, I was again left in tears. My tears continued for about five hours before I finally settled down. I am tired. Since the day that my twins were born over ten years ago, I feel like I have been fighting for their health. I have been fighting malpractice coming our way from the medical and dental institutions. We have been truly blessed with healthy children and I am grateful for that beyond words. I must honestly say that if I had any idea of the reality of the daily fight to do what is right for my children in this society that I would face before I had them…I probably would not have taken it on. They have brought more joy and happiness to my life than I ever imagined, and I love them more than anything, yet I can admit that I had no idea what a battle parenting would be.

As I sat in the office of dental scammer number seven yesterday, waiting for them to verify my insurance information, one of the receptionists asked a young dentist in the group if he would have rather gone into a different field. He explained that of course he would have. The ladies, several receptionists now involved in the discussion, then asked him if he would have rather been a doctor. He told them, of course not, because doctors had to work hard, and did not have flexible schedules. He went on to explain that he was jealous of all of his buddies his age that had their own businesses and could set their own schedules, because they got to go out and play golf every morning. He said that even if he had his own dental practice he could not set those kinds of hours. Awww, poor baby. And these people were perfectly comfortable to have this conversation right in front of me.

This man is a prime example of the people who are responsible for our dental and medical health. We go to them seeking help, and they look at us with dollar signs in their eyes. I cannot speak to every single practitioner out there. I know that healers do exist. I believe that they are becoming fewer and further between in our country however. The only explanation that I can come up with for the fact that I keep landing in these offices with these unethical and exploitative human beings; is that I must have a calling to do something about it. My greatest talent is my voice, so here I am, opening up my mouth, or my keys rather. Please do the research and read one or more of these articles if you care about your health and the health of your family. The information here is staggering. I have lined them up for you, nicely and neatly, all that you have to do is click. Unfortunately, I was only able to track down one true biological dentist in the state of Florida. Her practice is located in Boca Raton…lucky them.

Here is an excerpt from the first informative page that I found. These two paragraphs give the main idea as to what the article is focused on:

In the vast majority of cases, you will be healthier and wiser by ignoring the advice of your conventional doctor or dentist and seeking out a naturopathic doctor and a natural health dentist. In fact, it's very important to avoid allowing a doctor or dentist to even hit you with a scare story or other manipulation tactic, because most people will just go right along with their advice even when it makes no sense. People don't question medical authorities as much as they should. And dentists know it. They know that most patients will just go ahead and agree to practically anything they recommend.

That makes a situation where fraud and exploitation of patients is frighteningly easy to accomplish. Any dentist that wants to generate more revenues for their office can simply start recommending an expensive surgical procedure as "standard practice" and claim, "we always take those teeth out." It might be complete hogwash, but most people -- absurdly -- will buy into it. Don't let that person be you. Keep your dentist honest. Better yet, seek out a "natural" dentist who won't use mercury fillings or highly toxic fluoride, and who will turn to surgery as a last resort rather than a "standard procedure." Don't be tricked into unnecessary (and medically dangerous) surgical procedures that can only cause you harm.

Reader’s Digest Article: This article was hugely eye opening, and very disgusting. It is a must read.

And an interesting article on root canals: This is basically just a lifetime autobiography of how the institution of dentistry destroyed one man’s teeth. It is actually relatively heartbreaking.

On biological dentistry: A short article on the dangers of modern dentistry.

A brilliant article on biological dentistry: This article explains the basics of what biological dentistry is about, and why it is important.


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