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20 Of My Favorite Random Things

20 Of My Favorite Random Things

I am pretty simple by nature, when I say that I mean that I am relatively easy to please. I think that it is healthy to think about the things that make us happy, no matter how insignificant or silly they may sound when we say them out loud. Here are a few of mine.

1.     Brick. I have a huge fondness for large outside bricked spaces, patios, driveways, and so fourth. I suppose that one of the reasons is because I am so allergic to planet earth. Even standing in grass in bare feet makes me itch…but I love to spend time outdoors, and I think that brick is beautiful. I also love how bricks get hot in the sun and the way that they warm my feet.
2.     Pictures. All of my friends know this. I have family photos all over the house, as well as pictures of most of our friends. Many people would probably find it a little cluttered, but it gives me joy to look up and find everyones’ smiling faces on my wall.
3.     Carbonated water. I drink two liters a day, if not more. My stomach is often upset and the carbonation eases my nausea. I work hard to drink more non-carbonated that carbonated water, but I really do love the bubbles.
4.     Politeness. I get practically giddy when I witness my children being polite to strangers when we are out in public. The words please and thank you totally make my day.
5.     Whipped potatoes. When I follow my father’s specific directions to the tee, I can get mashed potatoes to come out so light and fluffy that they melt on my tongue like whipped cream. My husband and I have literally sat at the table and moaned in pleasure over my whipped potatoes.
6.     Pens. I find great joy in pens. I am particularly fond of super fine colored ballpoint pens, and felt tip pens. When I lived in France, I became accustomed to using fountain pens, because that is what they use all of the time. I love the sound that fountain pens make when they scrape paper.
7.     Bookmarks. Love em’. Collect em’. They are like little tiny portable pieces of art.
8.     Foreign languages. I love to listen to people speaking in different languages. I am always trying to figure out how much of what they are saying I can make out from a combination of the words I know and their body language.
9.     Singing. I grew up singing chorally. I deserted the pursuit as an adult because of my failure to learn how to read sheet music. I do miss it. Harmonizing is so much fun.
10. Puzzles. Although I don’t often give myself the time to sit down and indulge in one, I love to do puzzles. I get into a total Zen zone when I am in the middle of one.
11. Flowers. I adore flowers and I love to have them in the house. The color, the scent, and the aliveness that their presence adds to a room is wonderful.
12. Benadryl. This is kind of funny because I avoid taking any kind of medication whenever I can now. I took Benadryl a lot as a kid when my allergies were horrible. Back when the stuff was prescription and came in an amber colored glass bottle, I became accustomed to the taste of the stuff. The smell actually brings back memories for me.
13. Sunscreen. It is another favorite smell of mine, depending on the brand, I find the smell of sunscreen absolutely delicious!
14. Walking. Running has always been a big challenge for me, but I can walk for miles and miles without a single complaint. Walking feels wonderful to me. I love the soreness that comes after a long hike.
15. Outtakes. I am an absolute addict when it comes to outtakes from my favorite television shows or movies. I think that I make my husband nuts re-watching them over and over.
16. Shnarky tee shirts. I have never been into fashion much; I keep my wardrobe pretty simple. My favorite things in my closet are my tee shirts with slightly off color comments on them. I enjoy confusing and amusing people.
17. Curse words. Plain and simple I love to curse. Cursing is honest and expressive, and tests have actually been done that prove that cursing is healthy. It helps to relieve stress, and people who curse tend to be more truthful.
18. Water features. Ever since I was a kid, I have had a bizarre attraction to fountains and man-made water features. The Bonaventure hotels fascinated me as a child because of all of the fountains.
19. Lemurs. They are my favorite animals, and I am honestly not certain why. A good friend of mine who works with animals once informed me that amongst zookeepers they are considered more dangerous and unpredictable than the lions…I guess that I am attracted to their feistiness.
20. Parallel parking. The other day I had an opportunity to parallel park which is something that I am pretty good at. I nailed it in one shot, beautiful and right on the curb. My kids were not quite as impressed as I would have liked. I can thank my years of living in Portland for all of the practice.  


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I actually really dislike Oprah Winfrey as a talk show host and television personality.

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