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What Needs to Go?

What Needs to Go?

Clutter. It is in your house, in your yard, in your office, and in your head. Clutter is what slows us down and makes us less productive. Clutter is why we may get sick right away after we were sick a week ago, because our bodies have residue left over in them from the battle that our immune systems just fought, and it is making that system less effective. Clutter is the reason that our government is such a mess right now, and why our school systems aren’t really managing to teach kids a lot. Like a traffic jam where only twenty percent of the cars are driving towards a productive destination…the rest are just mucking up the works.

One of the best things that we can do for ourselves when we wake up each morning, is to spend a little time thinking about what it is that we need to get rid of. Every time that I give something up and let it go, I feel better, lighter. Anything can help you to achieve that sort of relief. You can stop being angry at your sister about ruining the crockpot that she borrowed, or you can let go of the grudge that you have toward her husband for not showing up at your son’s birthday party. Letting go of negative feelings towards others is highly freeing. You don’t need that stuff in your head clogging things up. It isn’t helping you or serving you in any way. The knowledge that your sister might not be careful with other people’s belongings may stand to serve you in the future, but your anger towards her does not.

Humans are pretty amusing creatures when you think about it. We are living in a country where the predominate religion is Christianity. From what I understand about Jesus Christ, two of his major teachings were forgiveness, and giving up material things. And yet, we also live in a country where holding a grudge is a common and perfectly acceptable behavior, and where epic materialism is perfectly acceptable as well. The teachings of Jesus were not erroneous, at least not in my opinion. They were lessons that were trying to help us live better lives. By learning to forgive and to let things go, we can be more successful and happier human beings. I don’t understand why even tough we profess to follow a religion, we have decided to supersede some of the most valuable advice that it has to offer.

What needs to go? Look around you right now, and vow to yourself to find ten items that serve no purpose to you. Get rid of them. Then close your eyes and look around for ten things that your mind does not need. We only have so much space in our human brains. Wouldn’t you prefer to use your space to its fullest advantage? I believe that we can choose to remember or to forget things at will, so if you really don’t need to keep track of the football scores from last Sunday’s games, just let them go. What do you need them for? Do you need to carry around stress and worry about the project that you are currently working on, or should you just let go of it so that you can focus on the project more completely? Should you carry the anger and hurt about not getting as much help as you think that you deserve in completing the project, or should you simply get it done and let the negative emotions go? It’s your choice.

We all have more power than we believe that we do. We merely need to find the vehicles that can help us wield that power. When we focus on clearing out all of the debris that we don’t need, we will discover that we have more control over our own lives. This is very valuable information to me, because I am not happy being out of control, and I know many people who feel the same way. I feel safer when I know that I am in control of my own life, and the first step to making that happen, is to take control of my own environment and to take control of my own mind. It is not a difficult thing to do; it merely takes time and repetition. So promise to ask yourself the question, every day. What needs to go?   


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I actually really dislike Oprah Winfrey as a talk show host and television personality.

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