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Twenty Instant Turn-Offs for Smart Women

Twenty Instant Turn-Offs for Smart Women

We are not easy to find. We typically become attached in our mid-twenties, and we work at our relationships, so they tend to be more successful. If you are a smart man, then you will do everything within your means to catch one of us. In the process, do not do any of these things:

1.     Do not ever talk over a smart woman. Many of us are very tolerant, and we may not point it out, but we will notice. If you are not interested in what we have to say; we are not interested in you.
2.     Don’t try to push us into doing anything. You may think that it is cute to try and coax us into trying something that we aren’t interested in, but we do not. We find it pushy and domineering, thank you.
3.     Never, ever, whistle. Intelligent women do not respond to whistles. Whistles are for dogs. My old roommate, who is a gay man, made the mistake of whistling at me once. It was on a loading dock and he was surrounded by a bunch of manly delivery guys who teased him mercilessly about the fact that I didn’t even pause or glance in his direction. He should have known better.
4.     Do not put down our opinion. Most smart women have a lot of strong opinions. It doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have yours, but you definitely need to respect the opinions that we have.
5.     Do not tell us that we cannot do something. The majority of intelligent women are also very stubborn. If you tell us that we can’t do something, then we will find a way to do it.
6.     Don’t try to hide anything from us. Not only are intelligent women very deductive in their reasoning, they can usually smell a lie a mile away.
7.     Do not make fun of our taste. There are a lot of smart women who are admitted nerds. We are quirky and we may have attachments to an eclectic mix of stories, characters, and movies. Do not make fun of these things, we are serious about them, and mocking them will instantly piss us off.
8.     Do not be nasty to anyone. If we se you treating another person poorly, then we are smart enough to figure out that you acting kindly toward us, is nothing but a deception.
9.     Do not criticize our friends or our family. Intelligent women tend to be incredibly loyal. Putting down our people is just a dumbass thing to do.
10. Do not make light, or laugh about issues that are important to us. Jokes about domestic violence or rape for instance, are not things that I find in the slightest bit amusing, and I will tell you as much.
11. Do not give us incorrect information. We are smart remember? You do not have to show off by pretending that you know things that you do not. We may know better than you, and that will make you look really, really, stupid.
12. Never, ever, say these words to a smart woman: “I don’t read.” We believe that you are the cause of all of the problems in the world.
13. Don’t assume that just because we are independent that we do not want to be treated like a lady. Open doors for us, and act like a gentlemen. If you don’t know whether or not we want your help with something, ask, it is that simple. “Would you like for me to carry those groceries for you?” See, it’s that easy.
14. We know that the boobs can be distracting, but you need to put in a little effort to prove to us that you find our brain as attractive as our bodies. We definitely appreciate the admiration, but if we are speaking to you, seriously, do not fail to make eye contact.
15. Do not brag, or be a one-upper. Really, it is just embarrassing and it instantly displays a lack of self-confidence.
16. Do not tell us that you know how we feel. You do not know how we feel. Unless you have the ability to hop in and inhabit my body, then that would be truly impossible, wise up.
17. Do not share your opinion on women’s issues with us. Now, eventually, this is relevant information that should be shared, but when you are just getting to know an intelligent woman, keep your mouth shut. If you do not have a uterus I do not want to hear what you think about abortion, period.
18. Do not leave less than a twenty percent tip. Honestly, if you do not know the numerous reasons for this point, then you do not deserve to date a smart woman.
19. Do not give up on us. Be persistent, we like it. Keep calling, keep texting, do not let us go, or you will regret it. My husband perused me relentlessly, and I found it sexy as hell.
20. Do not make the mistake of thinking that we are too much work. Men who are happily married to smart women will gladly tell you that we are well worth every ounce of work that they put into our relationships.  


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