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Same Love (Adult Content)

Same Love

I read a really brilliant book, gosh, almost twenty years ago now, that I cannot remember the name of. The book described the sexuality of humans being divided evenly into six different groups. Three groups being female and three being male; their sexualities were divided further by those who were heterosexual, those who homosexual, and those who were bisexual. Unfortunately, I haven’t remembered the name of the book, but I recall finding it incredibly insightful. That is probably why my beliefs lie along the lines that the book suggested. I appreciate the fact that the study respected the third of the population who are bisexual, because if I had to put myself in a category, that would be the place where I would land.

To my close friends and family, I will readily admit that I am married to my husband because of who he truly is. When I fell in love with him, I fell in love with his spirit and not his body, handsome as he may be. If I happened to meet him in a lifetime where his soul was in the body of a woman, I would have fallen in love with him just the same. Our life together may have been far more challenging. He, or she in that case, may not have been able to break the social bonds that we adhere to and allow herself to fall in love with me. My husband and I are truly blessed because we were placed in bodies that gave us the opportunity to face little adversity in the pursuit of having the partnership, and the family that we adore. It is easy for most people to forget the battle that many people in same sex partnerships have to fight, to live the lives that they dream of.

I find it ironic that I honestly do believe there is only one small third of our entire population that is actually completely heterosexual. When I look at the fact that the other two portions of population have been oppressed in many cultures since the dawn of time, it is baffling. Especially since this would mean that over fifty percent of people have feelings that tell them physically loving a person of the same sex is right, or even acceptable. I am a person that strongly believes sexual depravity is caused by sexual oppression. When people are led to believe that their sexual instincts are evil or wrong, then they begin to consider themselves evil or wrong. When people believe that they are disturbed, then they give up, and all things considered wrong become blanketed in their eyes. In other words, I believe that oppressing a person’s homosexual tendencies, can put them in a place where they are more accepting of actually harmful sexual behaviors. I believe that in our society we still cultivate sexual depravity simply by telling young people that their instincts to masturbate are sick or wrong. This is simply unacceptable.

If the percentage theory were accurate, it would shed a lot of light on the reason for there being so many homophobic people in our population, because with two thirds of people out there having homosexual thoughts on occasion, that would leave a lot of them fearing their own homosexual tendencies. I believe that the solution to all of this is to simply embrace sexuality in general as a society. All sex, which does not do any harm to anyone, should be left alone and not judged publicly. No one really has any business knowing what goes on between consenting adults behind closed doors. As we eliminate judgment and speculation about sexual activity, we can eliminate the cultivation of sexual depravity. And love, love is the ingredient that we so often forget when we are speaking of sexuality. It has become socially acceptable in our society to completely disconnect sexual activity from love, and I believe that is one of the largest mistakes that we have made in our culture. Embracing love and respect are the answers to pulling our society out of a culture of sexual oppression and discrimination. Simply changing the language that we use can help a great deal. By replacing the term sexual activity with amorous activity, or the term sexuality with…well just love, because at the end of the day that is the only part that really matters. Just love.

This is a interesting study regarding how not only humans have these same instincts:

And the lovely and inspiring video with the same name:


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