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I Simply Have Issues with Cool Whip

I Simply Have Issues with Cool Whip

This is how my great grandmother made breakfast every day of her life, (she lived into her nineties): She would cook four strips of bacon in a skillet, and remove the bacon to a plate when it was done. Then she would scramble two eggs in the bacon grease after adding a pat of butter. When the eggs came out she would toast two pieces of white bread in the pan before buttering each of them liberally. She was a bit hunched over when I was a kid, but I still believe that she had never been over five foot tall. I don’t have a ton of memories of her, but I do remember that she would sneak me pats of butter to eat when my mother wasn’t looking.

My grandfather on the other side of my family died in his sixties. He had type two diabetes, and was severely overweight. Looking back at the pictures, he did not start getting overweight until my mother was an adult. He died when I was around fourteen, and in my memories of him, I cannot remember a day in his life that he did not eat fast food. Even after he was diagnosed, he continued eating it. I sincerely wonder if he started putting on all of the weight only after he began consuming massive amounts of fast foods.

About fifteen years ago, I read a fantastic book on nutrition that warned about the dangers of processed foods. It spoke specifically about the damage that foods manipulated for preservative purposes do to our arteries, and how that damage puts our bodies in a position to develop problems with cholesterol. When we manipulate foods for the purpose of preserving them through hydrogenation and homogenization they can become dangerous. Since my children have been little, I have worked hard to keep hydrogenated oils out of our house, and I have always kept soy, or almond, or rice milk in the fridge instead of cow’s milk.

I have no definitive idea if the choices that I have made about what my family consumes have impacted us in a big way or not. I would like to hope that these decisions have helped to keep us healthier in general. I get really ticked off however, when I see recipes floating around which attempt to promote weight loss and contain Cool Whip as their main ingredient. As far as foods go, Cool Whip is pretty much my public enemy number one. Please take the opportunity next time that you are in the grocery store to read the list of ingredients. It is basically made of sugar and hydrogenated oil. We must start being more conscious of what we are putting into our bodies.  

It is scary that we have gotten to a point in society where I feel a need to rescue people from the crap that is being put on the grocery store shelves. How in the world did we get to the point where we are allowing companies to feed us poison for profit? I suppose we have allowed it, because we are afraid to look at the true picture of what is happening. The cycle is blood-chilling. Corporations are feeding us things that damage our bodies, but just enough to make us need to buy the drugs that they sell. I always cringe at the fund raising that is done for cancer prevention, because most of the money goes towards cultivating more drugs and marketable procedures, not preventing the disease. It breaks my heart…and I say that too often.

So am I going to start raiding my friends’ refrigerators and throwing out the Cool Whip? Probably not, but I am definitely getting more and more vocal about things. With five mouths to feed, and a gluten free household, we have not always been able to afford the products that we would prefer to buy. A huge part of our family budget has gone to keeping our kids in fruit. Fresh produce, especially of the organic variety, is expensive…and my friend Mr. Cool Whip is super cheap. It is a battle today in our country to feed our families well. Things should not be this way, and it makes me really angry.

I have lucked out in that I married a man who is an awesome gardener. He is also a visionary, which is the only way he has managed to convince our HOA that we should have a community garden. It is doing beautifully now with its winter crop of clover. We will be ready to plant in a few months. Local markets are also becoming more prevalent in many communities. I urge people to get out to these and to purchase food there. Do some research and find local farms, seek to purchase meat from those places. We need to work harder to know where our food is coming from. It is good for the local economy and it is good for our bodies. Things are beginning to turn around and people are paying attention. Ten years ago, when my kids were babies, I remember getting funny looks in the grocery for standing in the aisle and reading the labels on food packaging. That rarely happens to me anymore. The consciousness about food is growing. Please don’t buy Cool Whip.


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