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A List of Fears

A List of Fears

Many of my good friends would remind me that dwelling on negative things is not a good practice. Fears are negative, but in my case, a lot of my fears are rather comical. Maybe it is merely the fact that I am comfortable at looking at them in such a light. Maybe it is even a good exercise to merely recognize them for what they are, at least that way, we can identify the fears that are limiting us in our lives, and get to work on eliminating them.

1.     Spiders, well almost anything with more than six legs. I can pretty much narrow it down to the way in which they move. Having explored this fear, it may be possible that my mother encouraged the phobia. I remember her killing a black widow in our house when I was five or so, and keeping it in a jar so that I would know what they looked like. She warned me, of course, that these spiders could kill me…that might have traumatized me a bit.
2.     Strollers, and wheel chairs. When I hear one coming up behind me I freak out. I have had my heels run over multiple times by both. It boggles my mind, the way in which people will use their strollers as battering rams to plow through the crowd, with their babies inside. As a kid, an airport assistant pushed a wheelchair into me to the point that it lacerated the backs of both of my heels. So I guess this fear is somewhat legitimate.
3.     Gaining weight. Growing up as a chubby kid did some lasting damage. It is one of the things that I am still working to heal in my psyche, and it is one of the most challenging. I feel that I should be strong enough not to be frightened when I gain a pound or two, but I still have to work hard to keep this fear in check.
4.     Being out of control. I am terrified of not having control of my actions and myself. Films where unexplained things happen to the main character, or their control is taken from them, or they don’t know where they are; have always horrified me. Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland gave me nightmares as a child.
5.     Buildings collapsing beneath me. I have never had any sort of fear of heights, but I have had reoccurring nightmares about being trapped inside a structure that is crumbling under my feet. I don’t even like looking at homes or structures that are built on stilts.
6.     Doctors, dentists, and anyone who tries to touch me in a medical capacity. The condition is called iatrophobia. My case is severe enough that my blood pressure elevates every time I am in a medical office. Again, I have the history to back up this phobia…it is another one that I am working on.
7.     Bad weather. I have a horrible time controlling my worry when I know that my friends and family are out on the roads in bad weather. That is one of the reasons that I love central Florida. No snow or ice, and the hurricanes that cross over our area are predicted far ahead of time.
8.     Aliens. I have no ghost fear whatsoever, because I believe that spirits are all around us and that they rarely seek to hurt us. Aliens however, scare the beejebers out of me…the take over and assimilate kind. I comfort myself with the idea that our planet is highly lack luster for the other civilizations in the universe and they are ignoring us until we have made some reasonable progress with our civilization.
9.     Pledges and chants. I think that it is actually a pretty rational fear. In films and stories we always exploit the dangers of the bad guys pledging to evil forces, but we are all supposed to be okay with pledges that are supposed to be to good things. I had to admit to my kids the other day that even the pledge of allegiance makes me a little uneasy. What’s so wrong with assessing every situation, or person, or action on a case by case basis, instead of swearing undying loyalty no matter how corrupt that institution may or may not become?
10. Balls. The type of dyslexia I was diagnosed with as a child, has to do with hand-eye coordination. I have never had much luck catching or making contact with balls. Every time that people are playing sports around me I am constantly paranoid that a ball is going to come barreling in the direction of my face.


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