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10 Things You Learn…When Your Husband is a Podcaster

10 Things You Learn…When Your Husband is a Podcaster

I will be honest; I am probably the last person to learn about the newest trends. Before my husband started his podcast, I didn’t even know what a podcast was. I feel lucky that I knew what a Ted Talk was. Now, as I am planning on launching my own, with some of the other ladies in my family, he constantly corrects me when I mistakenly call our future podcast a blog. Here are some of the amusing details that go along with my adjustment to all of this:

1.     Look both ways before entering the bedroom. My husband is very often on Skype with the people that he interviews. He does this in our bedroom, which is attached to our bathroom. I have had a few near misses walking right behind him, naked after a shower. I believe that one guy got a brief view of me in a towel. Very embarrassing.
2.     Ear buds multiply. I find them everywhere. I believe that half of the ones that are in our house do not work. They often go through the laundry. I have decided it would be a smart idea to market them that way. They could be labeled: “Washing Machine Survivable.”
3.     The more you beg the children to be quiet, the louder they will get. When Mike is recording we close the bedroom doors, but the house is not soundproof, and when the kids get loud, I delve out into the house to try and quiet them down. It seems like no matter what kind of vicious looks I give them, they just raise their volume. It is as if they know that I cannot yell at them in that moment, so they don’t feel that they need to do as I say.
4.     My life is an open book. The purpose of my husband’s work is to help as many people as possible, and in that pursuit, none of my history, or my husband’s, or the kids, is off limits; if my husband feels that people can benefit from hearing about it. I often overhear my husband discussing a disagreement that we have had just a day or two before, in one of his podcasts.
5.     Everything is funny. As my husband is sharing our lives and the way that our family functions over the Internet, it changes the way that I view situations. The other day the children were having a huge argument, and I started laughing thinking to myself how funny it is going to sound when it gets retold to an audience. My husband’s podcast has really helped me to shift my perspective, and it has eased a lot of stress in my life.
6.     Conversations are futile, so deal with it. My husband is not only constantly picking up the phone to answer calls, but there are also three children in our house who are constantly demanding both of our attention. If we try to talk about something during the day, we maybe get two sentences exchanged before getting interrupted. I have taken to writing down things that I need to discuss with Mike on post-it notes.
7.     Because it is more fun to send it to a satellite first. This was Mike’s response to my daughters question about why he sends me files when we are sitting at computers three feet from one another. Everything is just more organized that way…no papers all over the place. It works for me.
8.     There are a lot of people who know me that I don’t know at all. It is not at all uncommon for me to hear someone shout, “Hi, Kristin!” from my husband’s computer. At first, it was a little bit awkward for me, but by now I have become used to it.
9.     The people out there who are doing this podcasting stuff, are really awesome people. They are forward thinking, and idea sharing, generous and innovative; from what I have observed. It is astounding to me how they offer support to one another’s endeavors, without expecting anything in return. I find myself in awe, and completely grateful that my husband has made us a part of this community.
10. The rules are breaking down…and I love it! Through being exposed to Mike’s podcast, and the people that he works with, I am learning that so many of the tedious rules that have existed in areas of broadcasting, and publishing are beginning to break down. Someone finally decided that we simply don’t have to follow the antiquated guidelines that have existed in these mediums of sharing information for generations. I love it! The idea has spread and we just don’t have to do things the way that they used to anymore. The door of creativity have been thrown wide open, and the possibilities are endless. I am so excited!     


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