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10 Reasons To Buy Her A Romance Novel (Adult Content)

10 Reasons To Buy Her A Romance Novel (Adult Content)

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Of course, you need to get her flowers, but I am suggesting that you skip the chocolates this year and pick up a romance novel to go along with the beautiful blooms. Here are ten reasons why:

1.     Women who read are sexy. If you don’t think so, I have no idea how you found my blog. Intelligence is sexy and sexiness is smart. Reading is brain exercise. Picture the lady you love watching T.V. Now picture her reading a book. Which one is more appealing?
2.     Reading romance novels makes women horny. I kid you not, and I am being brazenly honest here, but reading a really steamy scene has turned me on to the point that I have had a physical reaction more than once. Unfortunately, my husband was not reading in bed next to me at the time, or I would have been all over him.
3.     Romance novels help women with their own body image. Unlike television where we see un-naturally skinny women over and over again, romance novels portray the body types of real women. Not only do many novels now embrace female characters that are full figured, books also leave part of the creation of each reader’s mental image of the characters up to them. There are rarely ever skinny-minnies in the numerous novels that I read, and if they are, they are usually self-conscious about their own lack of curves. Romance novels are honest in that way.
4.     Reading books builds a sense of confidence and a confident woman is a sexy woman. Finishing a novel is an accomplishment, however small it may be. The same cannot be said for finishing a television program.
5.     Reading romance novels may serve to make the woman in your life more open to the idea of having adventurous types of sex. If there is something that you have always wanted in the bedroom, and she has always been unwilling to participate, reading about how that action gave pleasure to another woman in a fictional story may warm her up to the idea.
6.     Reading helps reduce stress. By escaping into a fantasy world a woman can let go of the stress that she accumulated throughout the day. Relaxed sex is by far more satisfying than stressed sex. Everything flows better for women when we are relaxed. If you want to up the anti, give her a glass of wine while she is reading.
7.     Who doesn’t want to sleep with a sex expert? Reading about sexual interludes over and over again can teach an individual a hell of a lot about the subject. By reading romance novels, women can literally learn how to be better in bed.
8.     Reading about sex keeps it on our minds. You guys think about sex what, every seven seconds on average? Most women think about it nowhere near that often. The more often we read about sexual situations the more we are prone to think about sex in our daily lives, and want to have it more often.
9.     It is cheaper than therapy. Having a healthy sex life is good for you and good for your relationship. The more physical intimacy you have with your partner the easier it is to talk with them about the things that are on your mind. When reading romance novels improves a couples’ sex life it can also increase their psychological intimacy as well.
10. Romance novels increase our opinion of men in general. As opposed to some of the guys that we interact with throughout the day, the male characters in romance novels are AWESOME. They are protective, genuine, caring, sex-machines and they highly increase our opinion of your gender. I honestly have a chain of novels that I love, that I plan on encouraging my son to read when he is a teenager. Not only will they educate him about sex, the male characters in the story are some of the most upstanding role models that I could whish for him to read about.

And if you don’t have time to rush out right now, just hop on Amazon and pick up my new novel WOVEN. It is jam packed with romance, super hot sex, and vampires (we love those too). You are welcome.


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This sophisticated version of pumpkin pie is amazingly smooth & rich. It is also Gluten-Free & free of Refined Sugar. 


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Whipped cream:

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