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Let The Sun Shine In

Let The Sun Shine In

When I was in junior high school I had the entire score to the musical Hair memorized. Not too common for a fourteen-year-old. I can still sing most of the songs today. I believe that I also did a report on the Democratic National convention in 1968 by interviewing my father, because he was there. I was born in southern California in 1977, with no siblings; I was surrounded and adored by my parents’ liberal friends. The groundwork was laid. Needless to say, I consider myself a born hippie. I don’t like stories with sad endings. I abhor horror movies. I’m not terribly competitive. I actually won first place in a local public speaking contest hosted by the Optimist’s club when I was in high school. I didn’t place in the state competition; the judges’ reasoning being that my speech was too poetic.  

Even though we don’t dress the part, my husband and I typically get labeled as hippies by most of our friends, once they get to know us. It’s not because we are off the grid, or because we are vegans, or because we smell like patchouli. It is because of our ideas and beliefs, and basically just because we are so damn positive and full of love. It is difficult for me to put myself in the shoes of my friends, because they find me so unusually happy and open. It wasn’t always my personality. I believe that it is partially something that I was born with, and partially something that was cultivated as I grew. I almost wonder if it was the state of mind that my parents were in at the time that I was conceived, as if they believed that I was an ingredient that the world needed at that time in their lives.

It wasn’t until the point that I made peace with the fact that I was very unusual, that I started to truly value who I am. Not just a mom to my kids, or a wife to my husband, or a child to my parents. I am a person that the world needs. I have a purpose in the universe; I believe that we all do. Otherwise, why would any of us be here at all?  Maybe this is the key to being truly happy. Maybe when we come to terms with the fact that our unique personality and talents are things that the universe called fourth on the day that we were born, we realize our unique value. Maybe you are here today, because you were handpicked to create something, or build something, or lift someone up. I think that a vast number of people go through life never understanding the truth. I think that often people are taught that their purpose in life is to follow rules, do a job, and reproduce. If your main goal in life is to be the status quo, how do you find happiness?

It is possible that the place where we find balance in life, is the place where we realize that we are all amazingly unique, and special, and vital. I think that in some place in our youth, in current society, we are trained to believe that our primary goal is to be as similar to everyone else as possible. This is what happens when we put children in large groups of the exact same age to socialize. It is unnatural, and it twists our sense of purpose in life. We are all born as unique individuals with unique talents. It is important that we embrace that truth, and cease the pursuit of assimilating all of our children. It is not good for them. If I had had the space to embrace my own personality as a child, I believe that I could have spread a lot more love at a much younger age than I did. We can achieve an enormous amount of progress in society by taking our kids out of the boxes that we have been putting them in and allowing them to discover their own unique selves at the beginning of their lives. They will be almost twenty years ahead of us in self-development. They will have the confidence and talent to revolutionize the world.  


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20 Things…you learn after moving to Florida.
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